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Government And Reporters Discover Gambling In Casino!!

HFT is like fraud.

Meanwhile in over regulation land –

GM recalls vehicles excepted from regulations by ideological certainties.

No major oil spills were reported today in the press.

Fu(c)k-us-hima?? Never heard of it. US Naval ships exposed to sunlight is what we think.

Global warming is definitely not a problem for the 1%, so you hippy commie loving nazis need to pick on someone else, besides the very oppressed conservative Christians, like pick on Snowden. Yeah that’s the ticket. Pick on Snowden,

It’s his fault Russia invaded Crimea without asking Syrian permission.

(And somehow, I am supposed to engage in serious conversations with these people?)

Look! A butterfly!!

Putin Puts The G In Glibertarianism

Oh go ahead and act like that!!!

The people that have spent the last twenty years hollowing out the American economy have discovered – Russia!!

Next thing you know they’ll discover history!!

Or blowback.

I’m at a loss for words when people don’t even pay attention to events in their own lives, and so appear utterly clueless about events happening under their noses. What a small minded, self centered little world to occupy.

Pundits Chattering & John McCain 2007

Forget Nate Silver,

McCain began the campaign as the apparent frontrunner among Republicans, with a strategy of appearing as the establishment, inevitable candidate; his campaign website featured an Associated Press article describing him as “[a] political celebrity”.[7] He made substantial overtures towards elements of the Republican base that had resisted his 2000 insurgency campaign.[8] However, he soon fell behind in polls and fundraising; by July 2007 his campaign was forced to restructure its size and operations. The tide of Republican sentiment against immigration reform legislation he sponsored also led to the erosion of his lead.[8]

Democrats need to pick their chins up off of the floor. If Republicans win, things will get worse. It really is that simple.

The Penumbra Conundrum

Pesky dKos.

Dan Kaufman looks at an environmental disaster in the making for Wisconsin… Ross Douthat calls for custom measurement of Christians…

I must know more!

Among religious conservatives, not surprisingly, the hope is that traditional forms of faith — if left to build, or re-build, without being constantly disfavored, pressured and policed — can make a kind of comeback, and fill part of the void their own decline has left.

Obviously not made of the same stuff as the original, traditional Christians who managed to flourish under Roman paganism and atheism. Yes, these are very oppressive times for American Christians, WATBs.

Let’s see, they live in the richest country on Earth, their legislators are either adherents, or profess to be adherents of their faith, and they impose their religious tenets on non-believers because they have the arbitrary power to do so. Very oppressed people, traditional religious conservatives.

Which should explain the growing penumbra, to sentient beings, just as, “do as we say, not as we do.” And no, don’t ask us what Jesus would do. That’s oppression!

Competition & Big Dog

Also too, other people’s questions and insights.

Stuff I miss from the more traditional educational framework.

Then there is the tutoring aspect.

Big Dog is right, Democrats ought to run on the ACA, plenty of people have stories of how it has helped. Get them on the air.

Same goes for Social Security. Everyone know someone squeaking by on it or disability, and electing Rs is only going to make it worse.

Making Time Fly

Imma busy doing the home study thing, read a chapter – take notes on re-reading the chapter, annotate the notes with reference page and volume.

Good times.

Anyway, three, possibly five, books to go.

JSYK it’s not that you’re unloved by me.

I Promise

If you quit trying to improve my English, so will I.

If You Can’t Lick ’em,

Join ’em,

Advocatus Diaboli writes with news about the DOJ’s push to make it easier to get warrants to hack suspected cyber-criminals.

If Terrorism Don’t Get Ya

The database will.

It happens, according to one Forest Gump.