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Almost Got An Extra P

This is interesting,

Long story short, their public track is rather poor. Whatever insight PIMCO gleaned from being the world’s biggest bond fund was consistently overridden by their talking their book, rather than making good forecasts.

Indeed, I can suggest that a Bond fund manager forecasting either a drop in Fed Funds or the end of a Fed tightening cycle is no different than a long only equity manager advising investors to buy the dip. That is each of their inherent biases.

Tool Time Indicated

Now is the time for all good media outlets to come to the aid of the CIA.

Hey! Don’t you even look at history!


Here’s the juiciest investigative story you can imagine, if you were actually into important, juicy investigative stories.

…The substance of the intelligence that was being sought from him has been an object of some speculation, with several defenders of the interrogation practice arguing that the goal was to prevent an impending attack on America. But a line buried on page 353 of the July 2004 Select Committee on Intelligence report on pre-Iraq war intelligence strongly suggests that the interrogation was just as centered on a possible Iraq-al-Qaeda link as terrorist activity.

Shorter media response: Look! A butterfly!

Truth Be Told

Despite Major Plans, Obama Taking Softer Stands

After pledges to change Washington, the president’s early willingness to deal or fold has left pundits and allies wondering: where’s the fight?

I would suggest the pundits start wondering about something they know something about.