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Be A Santa — Wrap That Rascal

AIDS lasts a lifetime.

This Blog Sucks, Eh Mr. Walters and Johnson?

You know I’ve been listening to Walters and Johnson ever since Stephens and Pruitt left KLOL,(now deceased,) and this morning they had Dennis Miller on, whom obviously has a problem with me watching him on FOX, like the rest of you who like the two way channel almost, sometimes.

I would hope someone would explain to you all the difference between leadership and opinion, and your opinion that leaders get shot. If you don’t like my opinions fine, go away. I’ll still listen to you whenever I feel like it, just like I watch FOX whenever I feel like it.

But let’s not kid ourselves about Mr. Miller, or myself and this weird ass situation I’m in, shall we? You want leadership look inside your own heads. That’s my opinion.

The Way I See It

We are in my opinion reaching a point of no return, given the various governments and their leaders speaking of “peace and security,” which historically means anything but, along with the recent speech touching on morality and ethics in government, which is an oxymoron by historical standards as well.

As I touched on in my previous post, governments lie all the time. They try and shape perceptions at home and abroad with propaganda, which is why a viable independent press is critical to democratic governments, and why when there isn’t one then any and all power centers are allowed to bend and shape reality with half truths, ad hominems, and utter bullshit.

When the British issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917 it’s real purpose was not to give the Jews a homeland, but to bolster British ability to fight the Germans. In 1917, British forces were bogged down in a stalemate and the British leadership were fearful of the Russians making a separate peace. Also, many Jews in America favored the Central Powers. To curb this and in an effort to draw America into the war, the declaration promised Palestine as “a national home for the Jewish people.”

The reality remains, the strong and powerful have no desire for peace unless it enhances their power or furthers their objective of acquiring more power and prestige. They presuppose that they are superior to others and they use metrics which will support that hypothesis. We like to call it an inequality of talent, which basically means that talent is that which makes one rich, strong and powerful, while all other talents are inferior.

Revealed religions are diametrically opposed to those concepts, and so they are more likely to be suborned by governments to grant the superiority to murderers and thieves with the imprimatur of divine rights, or in the case of theocracies, murderers and thieves become titular heads of religion and de facto heads of states. The underlying success of the Protestant reformation in the West was not because of a more accurate theology, but due to the protection provided to the reformers by nobles wishing to enhance state power over the transnational Church. The common people are kept in ignorance for the purposes of the powerful, or the state. (We have a declining education system in the US in response to the 1960s, when the powerful feared a social revolution emanating from college campuses.)

Religions are subject to the state and are echo chambers of national policy that in the case of the revealed religions, hardly comport with the Scripture they are based on, and their function is more divisive than cohesive in the case of the brotherhood of man. Other nations and cultures have other means of obtaining the same objectives.

The current political situation is becoming less stable as more and more single points of failure are exposed in the economic system. There is no way to maintain the status quo as the facades crumble, and so governments are in agitation within and without. It is therefore imperative for the United States to maintain a distance between the economic, religious and political powers centers, which is divide and conquer from the bottom up. Our current situation is a reflection of that failure to do so, and our power and prestige are spreading that dysfunction to other states, economies, and religions.

The Teabagger Chronicles

Just to stroll you down memory lane, This article first appeared on ,

Last week, CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli rocketed from being a little-known second-string correspondent to a populist hero of the disenfranchised, a 21st-century Samuel Adams, the leader and symbol of the downtrodden American masses suffering under the onslaught of 21st century socialism and big government. Santelli’s “rant” last-week calling for a “Chicago Tea Party” to protest President Obama’s plans to help distressed American homeowners rapidly spread across the blogosphere and shot right up into White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ craw, whose smackdown during a press conference was later characterized by Santelli as “a threat” from the White House.

That ought to be enough, but

That same day, a nationwide “Tea Party” protest movement mysteriously materialized on the Internet. A whole ring of Web sites came online within hours of Santelli’s rant, like sleeper-cell blogs waiting for the trigger to act, all claiming to have been inspired by Santelli’s allegedly impromptu outburst.

Which explains why FOX was so gungus hos on the deal,

FreedomWorks got caught AstroTurfing their sponsors’ agendas almost as soon as the group was formed. In 2005, when President George W. Bush was trying to get the public to go along with his plans for handing Social Security over to Wall Street bankers, the New York Times revealed that a “regular single mom” paraded by Bush’s White House in its PR campaign was in fact FreedomWorks’ Iowa state director.

Which most of us would kind of expect any journalist to research before publishing, which may tie into the demise of newspapers etc.

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