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Holy Mackerel

Facebook’em Dano Everywhere you go…

A researcher from a Dutch university is warning that Facebook’s ‘Like This’ button is watching your every move.


They Prayed For You Twice A Day Too

Facebook’s cascade failure loopback explained,

The outage stemmed from a cascading series of problems involving an error correction system that feed into a feedback loop that only cutting traffic to a database cluster and rebooting the site could solve.

No word on if it was a self inflicted wound.

And for the zombie paranoid, and cookie monster fearful,

Released as a version 0.2 beta, evercookie is currently far from being 100% reliable. For instance, it was impossible to create evercookies in a beta version of Internet Explorer 9. In other browsers, it had sporadic problems when reconstructing cookie parts. Nevertheless, evercookie gives users an idea of how web site operators can keep track of their visitors. The only currently available protection appears to be surfing the net in private browsing mode. In this mode, evercookies created for testing in Chrome and Firefox were no longer available after the browsing session was closed.


Face Faux Fum. Ho hum.

Many users have been hoodwinked into forwarding an inaccurate warning about the spread of non-existent malware that claims a girl committed suicide over a post her father wrote on her Facebook wall.

No such tragedy has occurred but many are forwarding the wrong-headed message (extract below) creating confusion in the process.