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This Blog Sucks

Krauthammer addition Ca Nuts to you.

Update: This post sucks.

Another Tequilla Sun…Sun…Sun Something

Rise and shine, doesn’t work with binge drinking.

The hippocampus is one of only two parts of the brain that clearly produces new neurons throughout adult life. While other areas must make do with the set they had at birth, the hippocampus continually churns out a fresh supply. This process may be important for learning and memory but it’s seriously hampered by alcohol. Taffe found that not only does heavy boozing kill off the hippocampus’s neurons, it also weakens its ability to produce reinforcements.

Passed along without comment. (How’s the head John? :))

Drifters In The Gulf

A new map of the drifters, which are used to track surface currents is here, which shows the eddy current, that everyone in Florida is concerned with, and this one shows all of the drifters including the previous ones.

You can zoom in on the second map, which is interesting in and of itself, but it shows the currents that have actually hit the marshes, and the ones that have swirled in close, but for some reason, (rain run off?,) drifted back out into the Gulf.

Update: The projection looks upbeat, if you can call it that, so long as you don’t have gills, or aren’t aquatic in nature, inwhich case it probably doesn’t matter where it goes. (supposed you’d like a link)

Update: Secrecy News has an interesting three pdfs,

Other new CRS products that have not been made readily available to the public include the following (both pdf).

“Potential Stafford Act Declarations for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Issues for Congress,” May 13, 2010.

The other two pdfs are worth grabbing so no link from here on the one germane to the post.

Things I’m Now Finding Out

I posted some questions regarding the oil spill, and now I’ve found a few answers,

On Sunday, BP’s CEO Tony Hayward disputed the existence of the plumes, saying testing by the company showed no evidence that oil was being suspended in large masses underwater. Hayward said oil’s natural tendency is to rise to the surface, and any oil found underwater was in the process of working its way up.

However, the researchers said oil in the plumes had dissolved into the water, possibly a result of chemical dispersants used to break up the spill. That makes it more dangerous to fish larvae and creatures that are filter feeders.

“This is just a giant experiment going on and we’re trying to understand scientifically what this means,” said Roger Helm, a senior official with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

First off I already pointed out that the oil was dissolving in the water,

The water samples they pulled up suggested that any oil in the plumes was highly diffuse — not even visible to the naked eye. But when several gallons of the water were forced through a fine filter, tiny black oil droplets appeared.

So Mr. Hayward is being a little disingenuous without releasing the company’s data, and given the problems that BP is having with sunshine, he should spare us the lollipops of all is well.

It is quite easy to find sins enough to go around, none of which address any of the solutions required to come to terms with the underlying, fundamental problem of the spill.

I am wrestling with my natural inclination to get ugly for political oneupmanship, because it isn’t a political problem, it is a living problem. The spill intersects the nexus of the modern world and the finite Earth, and everyone has some skin in the game.

Technology, human reason, and human spirituality all have strengths and they all have limits, all on display in the GoM, because we do not see things that are not in our economic interests to see, in either the GoM or Nigeria, and Lord knows, half a dozen other places as well.

But we are not up against our own limits and desires in the GoM, all alone, we are up against them across a variety of issues in a plethora places. The Pepsi generation is meeting its’ nemesis, and there is no contingency plan for that either. You college kids better quite fixing blame and start fixing problems, lest one of you wind up being the last one standing and no one else is around to hear you pat yourself on the back.

Speaking Of Addictions

Unplug your TVs for a month and see if you can live without that too. I’ll bet most of you can’t go thirty days without watching it.

Without Stripping Away Anyone’s Humaniity

So you can kick the dirt out of them, Who keeps voting these people into office?

It isn’t the British peoples fault.

This is a cascade failure, which everyone seems to want to avoid looking at. The Nigerian Delta is part of the cascade too.

Everyone is demanding everyone man up, so long as there is something salacious for the voyeurs, but you can’t look at the America we live in, the one that can’t do anything without oil, and exclude me, and you from the equation. Not if you’re doing an honest assessment of the situation anyway.

Ask yourself today, what impact oil?