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EZSmirkzz Jan 19-31, 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello World

Another cathcy title, eh?

Still busy with a very sick mother, who is finally starting to show signs of improvement. I can’t wait to get really old, but I’ll do my best to be patient. She is a dyed in the wool Republican as are my brothers, and guess which one of us is down at the old homestead? Imagine that. Now you know why Democrats tend to be pissed off at Republicans.

At any rate she didn’t vote for Sain’t Ronald of Reagan in his second term because she thought he was too old, and now she is too old to get out and vote for Sain’t John of McCain, whom is in the same boat with her as the aformention Sain’t.

Anyway, I thought I ought to let my two readers know what I was doing. Now you do. I would have posted “Hello In There” by John Prine, but the youtube is blocked.

Try not to shoot anyone in the face. Peace

Friday, January 25, 2008

Rest Stop Blogging Blues

I wished I wasn’t your blogger
I wished we just shared one mind
then I wouldn’t have to bother
worrying you were being left behind.

I would love to live up in your mountains
pushing your boulders down the inclines
but I’ve passed through the bottom lands
and their sand is all I can find.

Maybe someday I’ll write you a letter
if I don’t I hope you’ll understand
while one of us was busy sinking roots
I was rolling across the land.

Someday I hope to meet you
in the cool shade of days gone by
and if I don’t then I can only hope
you will try to understand why

I wished I wasn’t your blogger
I wished we just shared one mind
then I wouldn’t have to bother
worrying you we’re being left behind.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

After Five Years of the Cakewalk in Iraq

With the Democrats we can be assured that there will be a cake when the music ends.

I Want To Believe In America Again

Although I am closer in policy to John Edwards, the time has come to stand up for what is best about America, and what is best for America, and I have concluded that Barack Obama is that candidate. No candidate is without flaws, and believe me, I am good at digging them up and pointing them out. Senator Obama does not just talk about the future, but is the candidate that is walking towards that future.

For those who worry of his inexperience’s, I urge you to send him your resume.

On the same note, there is a 70% chance that America may be headed into a recession. There is therefore a 30% chance that America is not. I urge you to also pursue what ever path is best for America in this regard too. Genius is still 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, so give what you have to the country.

I had hoped to wait until after the South Carolina primaries to make my final decision, but family matters compel me to do so now. In any case I will be voting for Sen. Obama when the primary is held here in Texas, and will do what I can to cover his back, when I return to posting, hopefully in two weeks or so.

As for the previous post, the sun is on its’ own, as are you, and you will have to use Google, both prospects of which I am optimistic will produce positive results, even if you do not see the worth of education for education’s sake.

In the meanwhile, try not to shoot anyone in the face.

Tommorrow, After I Make The Sun Rise

I’ll be looking into GSE’s and wonder why none of our intrepid investigative reporters will explain the implicit liability of so called free market bonds. On that, I’ll play nice.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, will unwind some bullshit for you.

New Links!

The logical fallacy links are probably the best long term information you can have.

The libertarian stuff is in case you like the gold standard and don’t have a drill that can reach 8-12,000 miles to get at the gold necessary for a modern global economy.

We’re All In Deep Voodoo Now

Conforming Loan Limit

This is, I think, a very bad idea. While it’s true that entry-level property prices are much higher in certain parts of the country, that’s largely due to the fact that the housing bubble was much bigger than in the rest of the country. Prices need to come down, and this will prop them up.

We’re All Jumbo Subprime Now

Raising the conforming limit to $625,000. Because other kinds of stupidity take too long, I guess. Via Alex Stenback:

I can only hope Alex’s source is drinking cough syrup, because while this is not the dumbest thing I have ever heard of–I work in the mortgage business, the thresholds are very high–it is quite close.

Nuff said, really.

Thank You Senator Reid

Reid Backs Dodd, Says GOP Will Have to Filibuster

John Pilger’s article had some pretty snotty sweeping generalizations mixed in with facts, and a decidely disgusted opinion of the decline of American democracy. Actions such as these are the best response. More please.

Yes, It Isn’t Directed At You