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We’re Off To See The Wizards

Everybody’s An Expert

In any case, a straw man is being erected. There is no crisis which requires $700 billion to Hank Paulson’s friends THIS WEEK. That’s the argument. There may be serious problems in the financial sector which require government attention. There isn’t something which requires an insane act of Congress NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Of course the stawman needed a brain, he thought, but he settled for a degree.

How The GOP Wishes It To Be

I don’t think the Democrats should overlook the strategic implications of the Palin nomination, which given the media narrative of a close race to back up the Diebold vote, will make her a sitting VP running as a woman against Hillary, unless something goes terribly wrong and she has obtained to an office which she is no ways qualified to hold other than having obtained to the proper age to fit the Constitutional demands.

Those people living in voting districts that use electronic voting machines without paper trails will have to monitor the polls and turnout in huge numbers to overcome the two biases. It is just that simple.

The machines will have to be beaten in the states, so a redoubling of efforts should be made to take control of the state legislatures and state governorships.

Any effort at reforming the media is going to produce more whining as we have seen the last two days. The only thing the corporate media understands is profits and it will be necessary to organize economic retaliation against their advertisers, and a television watching bans, etc.

We are working within a rigged election process. We have to acknowledge the corruption and confront it as best we can. The only other options are to boycott and delegitimize the process completely.