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Just The Data Ma’am

If we ignore the problem it will go away.

On Tuesday, NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco acknowledged what oceanographers in Florida and elsewhere had been saying for weeks: An eddy whirling off the Loop had sucked in “light oil” in the southern tip of the slick.

But Lubchenco downplayed any significant threat to Florida — at least an imminent one. She said the bulk of the slick remained “dozens of miles” north of the Loop and the eddy also might spit it out back to the north. Still, NOAA forecast some small amount reaching waters off Key West within 10 days — twice the time predicted by a team from the University of South Florida.

Except it is already there. And just to be clear the team from the university used both estimates, not just the low side.

Conservatives won’t like it one damned bit.

That stuff only works on other stuff.

Moody’s begins speculating on Florida,Wonder what the rating on this “derivative” will be. AAA?

Out of sight out of mind.

The plume is compact, much thicker than the lighter remnants reaching the surface and suspended in about 3,000 feet of ocean, he said. A deepwater current is dragging it out to sea. The underwater oil cloud is not connected to the surface slick — now the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

Not just Greenpeace,

VENICE, LA. — A tide of sludgy oil has begun washing into the fringes of Louisiana’s coastal marshes, officials said Tuesday, as BP continued to siphon some of the oil gushing from a damaged well on the gulf floor but remained days away from trying to cap the leak.

This too will be sent off to Timbuktu for analysis.