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And The Crowd Goes Mild!

TPMtv: McCain: I Gotta Be Me

Are the Rove proteges reshaping McCain’s campaign? Are they cracking down on the cringey laugh and turning McCain into just one more bland teleprompter jockey? And what’s the progress on scoring the budget victory numbers?

Other people do such a better job at pointing out that Senator Lieberman McCain is already pushing his luck on the Peter Principle.

Never has this nation needed a Presidential candidate of his caliber less.

Good Morning America!

Coherence, dammit, coherence.

Just To Chap Conservative Bloggers Asses

In Argentina, Che Guevara finally gets more than a lousy t-shirt

No Argentine has left a bigger mark on the world than legendary revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, yet there is no major monument in his homeland to the face that launched a million T-shirts. That changed Saturday with the unveiling of a 12-foot bronze statue in Rosario, the town where he was born 80 years ago.