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The Last Post Sucked

Not because it wasn’t true, but because it is so 2006.

You know when you hear McCain or Dana Perino crib your stuff that things need to change. (Obviously they don’t respect copyrights either, but being Republicans they will vocally defend them.)

But I think instead of pointing out their flaws in personality which is pretty easy to do, if you’re me, it would be better to understand the political atmosphere that they operate in now, and not 2006.

One of the Rovian hangovers is accusing Democrats of identity politics because duh, the Democratic party is a coalition of people very passionate about one or two issues and empathetic to other people and their issues who are empathetic to them and theirs.

Democrats will, because of personality differences with their Republican counterparts, always be less likely to tow a party line, be least amiable towards top down policy positions, and always passionate about their particular issue even if that includes carrying the fight to other Democrats.(see Hillary v Obama)

When I observe the natural world I am reminded of two friends who are walking on a flat prairie and come upon a small hill and looking 360 degrees around them from the top of that hill declare the view of the horizon to be that of the universe, but then one of the two walks to the horizon and ascends another larger hill and finds the horizon includes the previous universe and a vast new one all directions and so calls to the other friend to join them on the distant hill.

We have reached the point of many friends and many distant hills, which has left the Republicans standing on the previous hills already climbed and conquered, and the Democrats scattered about a diversity of mountains and in various stages of the ascent.

Having said that McCain and the conservative philosophy is a relic of the past is pretty much all that can be said without getting personal. The failure of that philosophy is obvious to any who have looked.

The problem Obama has, as would Hillary or John, is to be a leader one must cobble the coalition of inter-Democratic party interests together in such a way as to be able to reach out and lead the hill sitters on, without blowing their own coalition to pieces. That is in fact what leaders do.

I’m not sure how I’m going to fit into all of that this cycle, but I am pretty much resolved not to fall back into the 2006 rut which I think the Republicans are hoping and expecting. After all it did work.

I do think that the policy wonkery of the youngsters is by far the better path, and I am thankful that the left blogosphere is filled with bright, energetic people who have the training and the experience to articulate positions and formulate policies that implement those positions in ways that draw the Democratic coalition together. I also worry they do not understand the needs of any leader to bring all of the people along.

The biggest weaknesses with the leadership is taking the netroots for granted. They must absolutely clean up their own houses to conform with the grassroots demands of openness and transparency. To many newly active partisans the old ways corruption is obvious and ubiquitous, and the leadership will not be spared if they practice the politics of the past. You ignore that call at your own peril. I do not think the progressive movement will spare Democrats just because they support the correct issues.

States In Flood Zones Prepare For Second Disaster

President Bush informed the public that the federal government was in contact with the various states, and are prepared to assist in any way possible.

Reportedly a herd of swine ran over the top of a levee.

Update: I had thought to clobber this post because it is really so poorly written in the first statement, and clearly follows an ideological position that I do not, and the second statement is just in bad taste, and non germane.

While many bloggers lose posts for one reason or another, it is pretty standard for them to leave up whatever they post and take their lumps, and retract if they find out they are wrong, or have misstated a fact. If you say something off the wall that’s too bad too, shouldn’t have hit the return key.

On the other hand I am constantly moving, and removing posts and blogs has become to easy a thing to do. I’ll do my best to take down the whole thing all at once, and avoid the incremental snark from those whom are about to receive.

Serious Political Blogospheric Navel Gazing

via The Evolution of the (Political) Blogosphere

James Joyner has a very good rundown. Personally, I miss the old more amateurish days in a lot of ways. But then again, almost by definition everyone’s going to enjoy a hobby they do on the side more than they enjoy their job, and as far as jobs go I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to turn my hobby into one.

To be honest, I haven’t got over all the traffic on my streets outside the house when I bounced Reg on the Constitution, nor forgotten the strange behaviors the dog developed. So much for anonymous cowardice.

Over the years it has become obvious to me that the affluence of most bloggers will keep me from ever meeting any of them in person, or ever come to meeting of the minds. On the other hand most of them are younger than I as well.

The blog is just an outlet, where I come to say what I think, or say what I think will make you think what I want you to think, which can be manipulative as hell, or politics as usual to be blunt.

I would imagine that there are as many reasons for blogging as there are bloggers bloggin jive boring screeds, formidable forensics, and partridges in pear trees. I usually try and entertain, since most of my readers are the real anonymous cowards anyway.