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The Speculative Gurus

I am somewhat pleased that the new President has opened the doors for the more prolific pundits and policy wise men and wise women that over the last six years have been proven to be be miserably wrong on foreign and domestic affairs, being rehabilitated and brought forth on television screens across the nation to again regale one and all with prognostications and predilections with the Ivy league credentialing that mitigates failure with reward, and insures the continued existence of the Republic by beating around the bush with hem and hawing about dangers surreal and imagined.

So if there is light posting that is part of it.

No One Could Have Forseen

Given what we’ve been through the last six years that the experts that organized arranged and advocated the economic and war policies that the propaganda matrix duly sold to the American people would still be

An Analysis of the Attack

Analysis: Mumbai attack differs from past terror strikes

The Mumbai attack is uniquely different from past terror strikes carried out by Islamic terrorists. Instead of one or more bombings at distinct sites, the Mumbai attackers struck throughout the city using military tactics. Instead of one or more bombings carried out over a short period of time, Mumbai is entering its third day of crisis.

No, India Is Not The Same As America

Abu Muqawama points out the difference in Constitutional make up in India that leaves the States in charge of police and counter terrorism, Ajai Sahni:

I think this government as well as its predecessor has been equally inept and equally neglectful on the issue of terrorism …The principle task of law enforcement and law-and-order management and counterterrorism is the state’s under the Indian constitution. It is the responsibility of the state governments that are run by various parties in the country. All major parties have some states under their control. With very rare exceptions, the quality of counterterrorism has been abysmal.

I can see where that might not work if the political parties and diverse people of India don’t have some serious trust amongst themselves on these things.

What I think is most important however is that it may break through the parochial lens that many Americans view the world through along the lines of seeing Afghanistan as nation state in the Western sense.

Mumbai Photo’s

Vinu’s Photostream via the Danger RoomMumbai Attack Aftermath Detailed, Tweet by Tweet

I haven’t gone through all of the pictures, but they appear at this point to show the damage to buildings and debris, not the gratuitous blood on the ground stuff, but they may be more interesting in the end to people watchers.

More here, “Threat Level” interviews Vinu Ranganathan.

Mumbai Attacker’s Motive

via Juan Cole,

This is typical hothouse crackpotism. Muslims are 13 percent of the Indian population. I lived in India for a couple of years, and my perception is that mostly people get along fine. There are Hindu-Muslim tensions (but so are there tensions between lower and upper caste Hindus, or between southerners and northerners, between Hindus and Christians, etc.), and occasionally they boil over. But aside from a relatively small number of Hindutva fanatics on the one side, and tiny Muslim terrorist groups in Kashmir (e.g.) on the other, there isn’t normally a big problem.

Did You Remember To Eat Your Blueberries?

Blueberries ‘reverse memory loss’

Eating blueberries can reverse memory loss and may have implications in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s, University of Reading scientists claim.

You suppose these articles are being written blue berry farmers?

A Nickels Worth Of Difference

Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

A worker died after being trampled and a woman miscarried when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island Wal-Mart Friday morning, witnesses said.

Sick puppies.

I Can Get By With That

I don’t mind continuity in DoD myself, and Treasury needs someone that knows what went wrong with voodoo economics. Ironic isn’t that? Clarke Clifford should have had it so good as well.

But those were different times too. (BTW I’m selling ” I survived looking into the abyss” T shirts.) I always imagined the future would turn out to be different and it has turned out to be so, so I am as thankful for that, that I live in an imperfect world, as I am disappointed that reverse psychology didn’t work.

The bright side is there is a lot of work to be done which needs to be constructive not destructive, positive not negative in goal, inclusive of all not exclusive of any interests, and more democratic in the distribution of the benefits of health, education, and culture.

Best of all, in the main, we are all on the same page now.

In A World Without Fences Who Needs Gates?

Before I surfed the world! wide! web! or turned on the tv and got depressed and unhappy, I had to ask; So, how’s that empire thing working for you?

White Gushers

Hanny’s Voorwerp Revealed?

Ever since Hanny Van Arkel found an unusual object while scanning through images as an enthusiastic Galaxy Zoo volunteer, astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts have wondered what the bizarre object, known as “Hanny’s Voorwerp” actually is. Now, new observations made by radio telescopes may have finally revealed the nature of the Voorwerp (Dutch for “object.”) It appears as though a jet of highly energetic particles is being generated by a massive black hole at the center of IC2497, creating an ionized gas cloud.

The size of which would depend on the amount of space the black hole had swallowed I suppose.

My bad.

Oh Dear

CNN Ordered to Rehire 110 Workers Fired for Belonging to a Union

CNN’s new hiring scheme was a sham, Amchan ruled, one the network used to discriminate against TVS employees who belonged to NABET-CWA. He ordered the network to reinstate with full back pay more than 110 employees, to train those rehired, if necessary, and to recognize the unions in New York and Washington, D.C.


Wonder how this will will sit with the P’s. (parents)