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Oh The Humanity Of It All

You know, if the people you live with don’t always know when you’re kidding them, then people on the internet probably don’t know either. I could add more, but someone somewhere is pissing me off unintentionally and I must find that writer, and also too them back.

Scientific Minds Mimic Myopic Horses

Scientific thinking is akin to creative insanity, say scientists who have been creating how the mind works.

Brain scans reveal striking similarities in the thought pathways of highly scientific people and those of myopic horses.

Both groups lack important receptors used to filter out bullshit and express thoughts in human language.

It could be this inhibited processing that allows scientific people to think inside/outside the box depending on if they like cats, say experts from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.

In some people, it leads to pseudonymous flatulence, or SBDs.

But rather than a clear division, experts suspect a continuum, with some people having borg like traits but a few with positronic brains appearing on TV as experts in the mundane.

Science is known to be associated with an increased risk of digressions, recursive mathematics and polar melting disorders.

The Little Things

A couple of years ago I was at Planetary Society blog which had a post up on the Pioneer anomaly which basically was pointing out that the Pioneer spacecraft were about 240,000 kilometers closer to Earth than they they should be according to math. This, to me, is cool stuff. So far 30% of the deceleration has been explained here and at the original link, attributing it to more heat radiating out the front than the back of the spacecraft. It still leaves 70% unaccounted for, so you guys can support this blog and that project by sending the research team some money through the Planetary Society I suppose.

What I like about this is the fundamental challenge it presents to modern physics, which I am confident that they will eventually solve. Like Jean Luc said, human beings cannot ignore a mystery.

But it is also a fundamental challenge to certainty, that human condition which makes us all gods and all idiots, sometimes at the same time. (see Politics US, Economics, US)

I know I could, so someone will, find great religious proofs in all of that by stretching the point halfway out to the current positions of the Pioneers, so apologies beforehand to angry atheists, and physicists angry or not, for even mentioning that aspect of the problem, all I can do is suggest you read a history book and get used to/over it. Peeps are peeps.

What I like to muse on is how this would impact our understanding of the big bang, and consequently everything else in the universe. How would it impact what we know of time before the big bang, the age of the universe, etc. As per my previous post on the super nova. If space is measured in time, then how can the universe be twice as big as it is old in space time? Phil approaches it in his post on Boston’s baked beans, but there is a lot of animosity out there towards anyone religious, which is as old as philosophy and predates science and scientists by a thousand years or so.

And you thought I was going to write about the flyby anomaly didn’t you?

UD: I removed the non germane paragraph because they seem to generate the most heat, which unlike the Pioneer, appears to be vented at a greater rate out of peoples asses than anticipated..