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Myself As Well

Anyone that reads the previous links will undoubtedly discover that I stand as condemned as anyone else that calls themselves Christian. Apparently those things are there for my self improvement, and not so that I can point out your needs and condemn you.

It also should allow anyone but the obtuse to grasp the concept of separation of church and state, as no state can act according to those precepts, demanded of individuals of the faith. The US can only act within the precepts of the Constitution. Where you make your reconciliation is your business, but do not confuse the things of heaven, with the things of Earth.

Still I encourage you to read the entire Apologetic, because it will lift the negativity of the world, especially of American political discourse, from your shoulders, and return you to an optimistic frame of mind as is befitting the sons and daughters of a happy God. Optimism is also a characteristic of the American people.

Iraq: An Unmitigated Disaster

On the bright side, we got Glenn Beck. A twofer article, which is worth reading.

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Time to saddle up again girls,

“I assure the entire international community who would be supplying aid in any form, we give them assurance we will be auditable, he said, adding that the government was considering hiring international auditors to oversee the use of funds.

“This belongs to the poor people, the flood victims. I assure that it will travel to them.

The Lede has a long list of NGOs as well so between the three, Pakistan, the UN and the NGOs there is someone you can trust.