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No One Could Have Foreseen

Since about 2007. Digby pretty much defines the Republican and Democratic talking points heading into the election. Of course what’s her name has been doing the same thing since she hit the national stage on McCain’s ticket. (Shameless self promotion, moment.)

What isn’t being said, is that while the Democratic Party is mostly corrupted and would be hypocritical to be populist and so doesn’t do so, the Republican Party is completely corrupt and has no compunction about hypocrisy.

The other point not to be mentioned is that the right wing slavishfear blogs and other infrastructure follow whatever ideophobic crap that comes down the pike from the top. The church lady left would rather pride itself on its’ very superior morality and ethics, and only sees what it wants to see, which is its’ own moral and ethical superiority. While that may be firm ground to stand on, it comes with no lever to move a world, much less an electorate, and no one is going to bring it to them, nor would they accept it, for the above mentioned reasons.

The final thing, IMHO, is the complete lack of tactical sense on most lefties part. They do policy, not politics, which brings us back around to the previous point. This is a dirty fucking business. You can put it in a suit and tie, give it a bankers’ haircut and shave, but it is what it is.