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That Was Pretty Rotten

For what it is worth I have keen respect for George Will’s mind, and I have delighted in knocking him off of his game, but the last post was out of line. So I sincerely apologize to Mr. Will, but I will not apologize to his arse nor Fred Hiatt.

Shield And Sword

While I may not particularly care for leaving any troops in Iraq, it would be lazy thinking not to acknowledge the necessity of a buffer state between two divergent theocratic states that have concluded that history takes too long and God’s arm is too short for their particular needs.

Update: Just to be clear, I wouldn’t want my three readers to conclude that a pretext for abrogating the SOFA, with Iraqi concurrence, couldn’t be articulated more rapidly than the SOFA itself. Necessity is the mother of contravention too.

No Really, Fred Hiatt Is That Dense

Hiatt: Will Challenging Climate Change Consensus Is “Healthy”Of course challenging consensus is healthy, science or no, but it is one thing to pull your opinions out of your arse and quite another to get your facts from it.

Take Time To Count Your Blessings

Even though we are going through some tough times, I would hope that we could take stock of what we have. Wealth and poverty, like expertise, are relative, but the value of your house has nothing to do with what it is worth, anymore than it does when evaluating other individuals or ourselves.

We are learning a valuable lesson these days, but if we don’t make an effort to rectify and prevent the same situation in the future it is a worthless lesson as well, and one that history will repeat until it is finally absorbed. The real shame is that there truly isn’t anything new under the sun, and that the lessons of history remain unlearned. Wealth destruction is an instructor of virtue.

Actually It Started Tanking When Kudlow Came On TV

Headline writing by Dow

The stock market opens, and in the first hour, takes a dive. Drudge throws up a chart and a headline:


It was up around a hundred previously. Since television must make the complex simple so as to take advantage of its’ visual overweight, I think he should grow a beard and appear to be more profound.

Light Posting Days

Hard to believe that it’s time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo since it isn’t 30 degrees and pouring rain for the trailriders, but there you go.

I Should Do This For All My Buddies

CC0: Waiving Copyrights

The idea is that, rather than licensing your work with certain terms and restrictions, you are instead waiving as many of your rights as possible, including all related rights (including moral rights). Though it isn’t the same as placing a work in the public domain, it would, theoretically, have much the same effect.

Of course that would make them participants in a communistic endeavor and rob them of their capitalistic endeavor of stealing.


I clobbered the post referring to the distinction between revenue and income, due to bad taste.

The Tune Is In The Bin

I used the no cookie option which takes forever to load so…my bad.

Hey! He Has An Excellent Vocabulary!

In New Column, Will Sticks To His Guns On Global Warming

But after Will and Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt declined to answer TPMmuckraker’s questions about the column — leaving that task to the paper’s ombudsman, who cited the paper’s “multi-layer editing process” — it’s certainly intriguing that Will has chosen to wade back into the muck.

Besides that he is the sage of Turtle Park and demeans more respect.

The Fantasy Island Crew

Conservatives Hit Dems Over “Tattoo Removal”

Conservatives are hammering the House’s new $410 billion spending bill because it contains $200,000 for what they’re derisively referring to as “tattoo removal.” Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Drudge, and at least one GOP official on MSNBC, among others, have been all over this today.

Wonder why they loose elections,

Hmmm. This program, maybe not so much. I checked in with the office of Dem Rep Howard Berman, the sponsor of this funding, and his aides said the money goes to a program run out of the Providence Holy Cross hospital in San Fernando Valley that helps reforming gang members remove their gang tattoos. I asked Robert Ordelheide, the chief of San Fernando Police Department, for his read on the program.

Now you know why I want to build a nuclear power plant in Hannity’s backyard.

While I’m On Your Blog

Probably why you have to pay for a ticket to fly.