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How Low Can The Top Go?


Upon arriving at the main entrance at Quantico, House and Hamsher were stopped and detained by military police who provided no explanation for detainment aside from a statement from one MP that his orders to detain had “come from the top.”

This is unusual because,

In past visits, Hamsher and House have had no problem driving onto the base to visit Manning. This is the first time House has been denied access to Manning….

Democracy is a messy business, sometimes dissent irritates normal people, but it always runs counter to military protocol.

That being said, I don’t find anything productive being accomplished by military and governmental authorities playing fast and loose with policy. These two could have been denied entrance onto the base. It is just that simple. So the incidence is a contrivance.

If this is how the military carries out its’ other operations, one can only imagine why we are bogged down in so many other situations.

Update:The two are on the loose.

Finally released, right as visiting hours conclude. What’s going on in the brig? about 6 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Update II: Repeal John Cole. Pesky blogger.