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Wondering Out Loud

I suppose at this point it would be counter productive to say that’s why Joe was a VP candidate, huh?

UD: I am reminded at this time of an interview Arlen Specter gave last fall and his perspective on the FISA bill he voted for, which carried two provisions that he wanted and the third was pretty odious that he thought would be declared unconstitutional so he voted for the bill.

That’s a long shot judgement but it does highlight some of the thinking that goes into any legislation. There is a long and a short game, and Democratic positions are invariable weaker in the short game because they are complex and not as easily fitted to hyperbole as those of the Republicans.

I’m always looking for a moment to expand on this topic, but like my peculiar relationship with the media, it will have to be resolved at more convenient time.

Labor Day

Just so you know I carried heavy things all day today, wound up yelling at the boss and he yelled back. Apparently neither one of us is Superman and can see through walls. I’ll work on him.