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The Real McCain

McCain Says He Is ‘Obviously’ Against Torture, Forgets His Vote To Allow Waterboarding

When asked to judge the Bush administration this morning during an interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said “history will judge that” but then immediately began making an attempt to distance himself from President Bush. One area of “disagreement” McCain cited was torture:

McCAIN: I obviously don’t want to torture any prisoners. There’s a long list of areas that we were in disagreement on –

WALLACE: You’re not suggesting he did want to torture prisoners.

McCAIN: Well, waterboarding to me is torture, OK? And waterboarding was advocated by the administration and, according to published reports, was used. But the point is, we’ve had our disagreements.

McCain seems to forget that he voted against a bill that would have banned the CIA from using waterboarding. In fact, when the bill passed, McCain urged Bush to veto it, which he did. Thus, McCain’s claim that he “obviously doesn’t want to torture prisoners” rings hollow. Indeed, because of Bush’s veto, the CIA retains the option of waterboarding prisoners:

Of course he was on FOX and probably thought no one would be paying attention.

A Man Coming Out Of A River Isn’t Afraid Of The Rain

I Slip Into The Water

Really disturbing announcement, courtesy of Blackwater’s newsletter, the Blackwater Tactical Weekly. Looks like Blackwater is on its way back to Blackwater NOLA. Emailed to me by my very alert friend Nick.

Security for Hurricane Gustav

Blackwater is compiling a list of qualified security personnel for possible deployment into areas affected by Hurricane Gustav.

Applicants must meet all items listed under the respective Officer posting and be US citizens. Contract length is TBD.

Full text of the Blackwater hiring note after the jump.

I suppose the report I heard on CNN by Blitzer probably has legs, that NOLA has concluded that looters will be sent directly to Angola prison. No trials either one would have to presume.


McPalin Redux

Getting Real About Palin

The Palin family had a feud with Wooten prior to her becoming governor. They put together a list of 14 accusations which they took to the state police to investigate — a list that ranged from the quite serious to the truly absurd. The state police did an investigation, decided that 5 of the charges had some merit and suspended Wooten for ten days — a suspension later reduced to five days. The Palin’s weren’t satisfied but there wasn’t much they could do.

Actually worth the read. Maybe even if you’re in the media.

Where Is The GOP’s Faith?

Seems the party of God, if they had a mustard seed of faith could calm the storm. Perhaps faith isn’t the possesion of all people.

Thank you, when two or more are gathered…

Now They Care

Storm scrambles GOP convention

ST. PAUL, Minn. — President Bush is unlikely to make it to the Republican National Convention, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) may deliver his acceptance speech via satellite because of the historically huge hurricane threatening New Orleans, top officials said.

The GOP’s Patronizing Saints.

Mr. Opportunistic Heads For Mississippi

What a pair of tools.

So I tend to agree with this assesment.

The only remaining question is, is the “base” as bogus as the candidate? Or should I be kind, and use the word inept?

If A Frog Had Wings It Wouldn’t Bump It’s Ass

The Mush in California’s Middle

If John McCain becomes president, he will be confronted by a Congress with significantly larger Democratic majorities than today’s — majorities furious about high hopes dashed by an eighth Republican victory in 11 presidential elections. And if the normal pattern of off-year elections holds in 2010, those majorities will expand. So McCain would have to deal with a hostile legislature for four years, as Arnold Schwarzenegger has done for almost five years. For that reason, and because these two self-styled post-partisan, reach-across-the-aisle mavericks admire one another it is pertinent to survey Schwarzenegger’s governorship of one-eighth of America’s population.

Yeah, whatever.

Change The Oil, Inflate The Heads

Listening to the drill! drill! drill! crowd one would think that this has to be a joke, Fears over damage to US oil rigs,

With Hurricane Gustav on course to hit the US Gulf of Mexico coast, the damage it does to the region’s oil facilities could be a “worse case scenario”.

The stark warning comes from extreme weather impact analyst Jim Roullier, who says Gustav may be more damaging than 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Output from oil rigs in the US Gulf has already been cut by three-quarters, as staff continue to be evacuated.

Can’t be true.

After all, the oily’s are Very Serious People.

They Ought To, They Are One

G.O.P. Holds to Firm Stance on Abortion

Puff The Magic Historical Surgeon

General Patreaus’ role in the surge has been reduced, due the necessity of rehabilitating the neo-con war mongers. Mr. Gordon presents a puff piece in time for the Republican national convention. The debate within the administration and AEI, and oh yeah, General Patreaus had some influence, and oh yeah, did I not mention the Awakening?

Can You Trust Someone Who Fears The American People?

Vladimir’s America. For a political party that espouses a “small” state, the GOP sure seems to use the apparatus of the police state an awful lot.


PALIN-tology – 45+ Problems for McCain’s VP in just 35 hours I guess one has to start somewhere in the vetting process, and some of the things mentioned are fairly troubling. Worth a look.

Having already been busted on the bridge to nowhere it was interesting to see her and McCain using the tale as they wished it to be spun in their joint appearance in Ohio this afternoon.

Reformed On The Bridge To Nowhere

Palin Repeatedly Professed Desire To Renew Federal Funding For ‘Bridge To Nowhere’

I championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress — I told Congress, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ on that bridge to nowhere. If our state wanted a bridge, I said we’d build it ourselves.

Palin was for it before she was against it,

Yes. I would like to see Alaska’s infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now–while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.

That assistance never materialized. When she finally canceled the $400 million project, Palin lamented the fact that Congress was not more forthcoming with federal funding. She said in a statement at the time:

Despite the work of our congressional delegation, we are about $329 million short of full funding for the bridge project, and it’s clear that Congress has little interest in spending any more money on a bridge between Ketchikan and Gravina Island.

Obviously she is an experienced flip flopper, and will fit right in with Saint McJohn of Inane.

As Digby pointed out, and what may be the grand strateegee of the GOPuleeze, is to immulate Alaskan Republicans replacing Murkowski, on a national level. Given that Bush is the worst President Evah!, by extension McCain/Palin can only be second worst, and as such is an improvement,

if twittering at women being refrenced as bitches is an improvement over Bushco, which for radical Republicans will be.

On the other hand I think McCain undercut many of his best defenses by selecting her, and that other’s criticism of him are in fact valid. The headless horseman now has a pretty face.