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The Nexus Of Evil

Josh has post up looking for the connection

Really, where the torture scandal could break open is the exact nexus of who actually authorized the program and Cheney’s frantic efforts to get information linking Saddam Hussein to the Iraq war.

This led me to look here which has the timelines of both incidents.

I think that in order for us to open the torture case up too wide it will start involving foreign powers that will really have a greater impact than any of the US memos being bandied about. Hence the need to keep it quiet.

It also has time lines for all sorts of other interesting scandals that the US government has been incapable of pursuing, and the information is all from reliable media accounts and reports.

You may wish to indulge yourself if you want to find out why your flag decals won’t get you into heaven any more. I’m sure most of you will opt for the ignorance is bliss defense.

Teh Stupid! It Burns!

Boston College Campus Police: “Using Prompt Commands” May Be a Sign of Criminal Activity

Meanwhile back at the ranch, U.S. Power Grid Hacked, Everyone Panic!

Read the whole story; there aren’t really any facts in it. I don’t know what’s going on; maybe it’s just budget season and someone is jockeying for a bigger slice.

Oh dear.

Twitter Me Timbers

An anonymous reader writes

“Reacting to allegedly fraudulent election procedures, students are storming the presidency and parliament of the small eastern European country of Moldova. It is reported that they used Twitter to organize. Currently twitter and blogs are being used to spread word of what is happening since all national news websites have been blocked.

The rest of the links are over at /.

US Condemns N Korea For Following Israeli Lead

Or something like that.

PRAGUE — President Obama said that North Korea violated international rules when it tested a rocket that could be used for long-range missiles, and he called on the United Nations Security Council to take action.

Hypocrisy means

acting in a manner contradictory to one’s professed beliefs and feelings, or conversely, expressing false beliefs and opinions to conceal one’s real feelings or motives.[1][2] For example, it’s hypocritical for a smoker to criticize someone else for smoking tobacco. The term hypocrisy is often used in a religious context to refer to someone who gives a false appearance of virtue or religion, or does not “practice what he or she preaches”. Psychologically, hypocrisy can be an unconscious act of self-deception.