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Facebook Executives Practice What They Preach

Facebook executives have announce a new “Jenny Cam” policy for the board of directors. All members of the board, and corporate administration will be installing webcams in their houses, including bedrooms, to back up their no privacy is good privacy views.

Corporate users are encouraged to do the same, especially media outlets, since always “on” is always on.

11th Circuit Court Of Appeals Encourage Americans To Use PGP

I might start doing that with posts here too.

The Eleventh Circuit held that constitutional protection in stored copies of e-mail held by third parties disappears as soon as any copy of the communication is delivered. Under this new decision, if the government wants get your e-mails, the Fourth Amendment lets the government go to your ISP, wait the seconds it normally takes for the e-mail to be delivered, and then run off copies of your messages.”

Blowfish anyone?