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Their Own Worst Enemy

Michael Wares report is worth a read, although it leaves one feeling as if the meat is thin sliced and the air sauce is the main ingredient the public is going to get.

One memorandum from three years ago warned executions of traitors and sinners condemned by religious courts “were being carried out in the wrong way, in a semi-public way, so a lot of families are threatening revenge, and this is now a dangerous intelligence situation.”

That awareness led al Qaeda to start killing tribesmen and nationalist insurgents wherever they began to rally against it, long before America ever realized that it had potential allies to turn to.

Yet those same practices that accelerated al Qaeda in Iraq’s undoing were breathtakingly documented.

The post carries a video if you missed it.

Basically AQI screwed up before the surge even began, our intelligence was and is woefully inadequate, and the War Party has a political propaganda bonanza due to really dumb luck.