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Who Knows

I may eventually get around to reposting the ancient blogs and reopening the newer ones, but I’m not too awfully interested in all that. This one is basically a post election effort, and so is of as limited use to friends and foes as it is to me.

As I noted yesterday I am in the process of doing something else, and haven’t at this point decided just what form and to what ends that might be, as for the time being the frontier remains undefinable until the political and economic situations settle down somewhat.

Contrary to some assertions and hopes I really don’t give a flying fuck what most people think of me. Call it exceptionalism. That is what I would do if I had a complacent mind and someone said that to me, complacent being used instead of lazy since most people are very much alive and well if they can fuck other people over, and the sum capacity of their mental endeavors, one thing that modern man has been able to liberate from religion, financiers and the “strong”, whom would rule through force or modern communication techniques and technology.

Best as I can tell the stage is set for those who wish to continue the reform of the government by tackling entrenched corruption in incumbencies, whether in national or state legislatures. That would require liberals to understand that Democratic party is a continuing criminal enterprise, and conservatives to understand that the Republican party is as well. They vie for dominance with each other, but otherwise are instruments of the status quo of corruption. Again I think complacency kills, and so the reform effort will amount to a tempest in a teapot, but one can hope.

So pierced thoroughly in front by arrows and in the back with knives and lead balls, I intend to ride off into the sunset for awhile with a hardy fuck you and hi o Silver. Call it making friends and influencing people.


I think this one is for you.

On The Bright Side

Political discourse has returned to its’ normal level of meh.

Tomorrow I shall light a lamp, and go forth seeking an honest man.

Like They Need Permission

I Always Wondered Who Made The Giant Puppets…

Among those labeled as terrorists: two Catholic nuns, a former Democratic congressional candidate, a lifelong pacifist and a registered lobbyist. One suspect’s file warned that she was “involved in puppet making and allows anarchists to utilize her property for meetings.”

Beer Bust

Anheuser-Busch-InBev to cut 1,400 U.S. jobs

“To keep the business strong and competitive, this is a necessary but difficult move for the company,” said Anheuser-Busch president David A. Peacock.

Yeah right, I’m sure in times of economic collapse that Americans will drink less beer.

Somehow over the last decade clusterfuck has lost both it’s value to shock and ability to describe.

Pulitzer Putz Goes Webby

At Last: Pulitzer Prizes Expand to Include Web-Only News Outlets

NEW YORK For the first time, the Pulitzer Prizes will accept submissions from online-only news outlets, but require that they be “text-based” submissions from news organizations that are updated at least weekly and include original reporting.

Pulitzer Administrator Sig Gissler told E&P that “we are expanding the Pulitzers to include many text-based newspapers and news organizations that publish only on the Internet.” At the same time, they are “stressing” that all entered material should come from news outlets that publish material at least weekly, “are primarily dedicated to original news reporting, are dedicated to coverage of ongoing stories and that adhere to the highest journalistic principles.”

Oh let me wax on eloquent…

Update: In lieu of other off the wall reasons being unavailable, this post may be attributed with the DJIA rising 100 points if you like.

Edited For A Title

In Hard Times, Russia Tries to Reclaim Industries

Mr. Putin, the former president and current prime minister, has long maintained that Russia made a colossal error in the 1990s by allowing its enormous reserves of oil, gas and other natural resources to fall into private hands.

He has acted uncompromisingly — most notably in the case of the Yukos Oil Company in 2003 — to get them back.

Yeah, all we got was the financial sector and the Big 2.5 auto makers.

So what was the point of the cold war again?

S Old S

I had hoped, ( I always have hope,) to get away from the bloggingshpere if for no other reason than to start writing about something besides politics using more than one or two sentences ending with a dangling participle. I had thought for the anthropologically inclined that I might explore the mind of an alcoholic in the depths of its’ debauch, but figure that any expert in the ways of mankind would probably understand that intuitively anyway, if they were able to think at all, and besides I ain’t interested in that aspect of myself anymore anyway.

The thought does occur however, if a pathological liar with a decided political bent can be honest man. I would suppose that would depend on if he were willing to reveal his true thoughts on any given topic of the day to you, or if he considered you someone else who’s opinion should be shaped and or formed by using all the tricks and devices of political history at his disposal, including, but not limited to manipulation and agitation. You might be better served to consider yourself not among those whom are included privy to those thoughts of any politician. YMMV of course.

So who knows. Suffice it to say I am not really interested in what anyone says about what the lefts expectations of Obama may or may not have been prior to the election. This is oneupmanshipping from the losers. Personally I think I had you by the balls when McCain won in NH.

Cascading Unemployment

Economy Lost 533,000 Jobs: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Remember, this sort of collapse is self reinforcing. The more people who lose jobs, the less money gets spent, which means more businesses have to let people go, which means even less money being spent, which means… well, I assume you get the picture.

This is about as simple an explanation of the situation concerning the Big 2.5 as you’re apt to read if you don’t understand why it is a critical situation in respect to employment.

What’s far more useful is the employment ratio – how much of the population has jobs? If that number is declining, odds are it’s getting harder to find, or keep a job. As you can see from the chart at the left, the peak of the last expansion, jobwise, was actually around November 2006.

Imagine that.

Politics of Cascading Unemployment

Which also may explain to some degree the double whacking the Republicans have taken. In 2006 the war in Iraq was a galvanizing issue, along with Katrina, but I think in that election the Social Security privatization policy was critical in that public opinion and opposition to the policy gave Congressional Democrats the backbone to fight a rear guard action. Unfortunately they have not mustered the capacity since, and that was with a majority.

This past election focused on the economy and rightly so, just as it will for the next three and possibly four more cycles. We can speculate on Obama’s motives in his cabinet selections, and as the chattering class does on the political skullduggery of it all and miss the point altogether. Mr. Obama remains a pragmatic idealist, and as I asserted previously in the campaign, I think he is willing to at least listen to Jack Welch even if he won’t take the advice and implement it as policy. That is in and of itself quite a big change from the previous Republican administration, and given that administrations performance, sorely overdue.

The ideological purist still maintain the bullhorns so I would anticipate quite a bit of resistance to the pragmatism of Mr. Obama on economic issues. As I also said about T. Boone Pickens energy plan when he introduced it, I didn’t care about his ideology if the plan worked as advertised. This is a trait the Radical Republicans are not apt to develop, since they are to some extent very much imbued with the reconstructionist zeal of the previous iteration of Radical Republicans that imposed reconstruction on the Southern States, and yes, I am thoroughly enjoying the irony.