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The Stuff I Do

Probably worth a read,Blueprints for Basic Tax Reform-01/01/1977” via a link from Bruce Bartlett’s post. linked from TBP.

Now most of you know I don’t do anything all day long, so at least you can see what doing nothing all day long consists of doing, which most bloggers tend to distill down to a smaller post than Bartlett’s unless they are selling a book, which may be worth reading too, and might actually produce a whole paragraph on a good blog, because on a good blog like this, the less said the better, we may not be prolific writers like Hitchen’s was, but when we write we actually have something to say.

And you thought I was indifferent to your attention span didn’t you?

Look I Am Making All Posts New

The old stuff is in the archive, which you can’t get to, until I do this.

Yes, I do that to piss you off. Anyway until I think of new title, which is getting to be a PITA, this one is pretty close to the name of a band Quantum Distortion I saw on MySpace when I googled the thing. I haven’t got a clue as to what their music sounds like.

At any rate, since you can only ditch some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, I thought that I would ditch the old stuff and keep the address the same this time. Think of it as the post television over load, hit me with your best shot blog.

Again, I hope to move off of the last 900 posts onto something a little different, but how different can it get in the genre? You can make a lot of enemies without making a lot of friends if you don’t build a community to sustain you, but I’m not interested in that since I can engender hostility that little people take out on those close by instead. All I can say is I have done my best to fail, but you people just won’t let me. There is a bigger need for anti-social networking than I had anticipated.

I also closed the archives off to all but invited readers. If you want to read that then I question your judgment as well as taste, but I did that already too, so there is no change there, and no chance of that happening anyway. You’ll have to bribe your way in with do no evil network doing some evil with you. I take my anti-social behavior seriously, in fact I like to think of it as an art form that all you social people can rip off. And you do. It is my ultimate wish that some of my worst mistakes are ripped off and blamed by history on someone else. But this is what I’m willing to do for my moral, ethical, and philosophical superiors, just to help get the rest of my readers, the run of the mill folks, through their day.

But just to be clear to my betters, I don’t give a fuck what you think, so why would I care what you say?