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Why the next thing you know FOX won’t be reporting on phone hacking scandals in Britain.

Ride Captain Ride

on your mystery ship,

This is kind of a blockbuster if you ask me — if a blockbuster can be defined as something that nobody except Susie Madrakeven notices:

On Friday, April 8, as members of the U.S. Congress engaged in a last-minute game of chicken over the federal budget, the Pentagon quietly issued a report that received little initial attention: “A National Strategic Narrative.” The report was issued under the pseudonym of “Mr. Y,” a takeoff on George Kennan’s 1946 “Long Telegram” from Moscow (published under the name “X” the following year in Foreign Affairs) that helped set containment as the cornerstone of U.S. strategy for dealing with the Soviet Union.

Fortunately our serious people are discussing important stuff, like why it is impossible to send war criminals and financial fraudsters to jail, because forward looking means never having to say your sorry about anything except for calling Jokeline and Bobo Glecks with edumacation.

While I’m adding the ‘o’ might as well add, oh and jobs also too.

Whew, I Thought They Were Poodles

I always thought their bosses laid down the meme and…

Which raises the question of why the citizens agenda didn’t become standard and replace the horse race, that miserable thing. I’ve thought a lot about that. The only answer I have is: political journalists wanted it this way, and their bosses permitted it.

Either that, or Digby is just stirring up truth.

Austerity Is Fleecing The Sheep

How the west was lost,

The eurozone debt crisis is about to enter a critical phase as governments prepare to step up borrowing in the capital markets to fund their faltering economies.

Some strategists are warning that some of the weaker economies could fail to raise the amount of money they need as eurozone governments attempt to issue double the amount of debt this month compared with August.

I doubt that that will happen,

From the WSJ tonight: Europe’s Bank Stress Tests Minimized Debt Risk

We’ve discussed this several times – as an example, in Part 5D of the sovereign debt series, “some investor guy” wrote:

This crisis is so old it’s history, as in of the middle class,

Little employment growth for a decade is quite a “hole”.

A careful click on the graph reveals that the NBER reports that it has been unable to determine an endpoint for the recession that began in Dec of 2007.

That will make it difficult to determine if we go into a double dip, won’t it?

So anemic job growth for ten years only tells you what?

Now for you students of government, Obama is only proposing a jobs bill that was stripped out of the original stimulus bill, by trying to change the tone in Washington. Olympia Snow and Ben Nelson insisted on much of it, yet the Republicans still all voted against the bill that had almost all of their tax breaks in it after meetings with the President. Ask Ben and Olympia why NBER can’t find an endpoint. McConnell and Boehner haven’t got a clue.