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Flashes From The Brane

Long ago and far away Instaredundant was one of the blogs I read, mostly because they were farther and fewer between, and because I have always kept up with libertarian thinking such as Antiwar, as you may well know.

Anyway for the 11th dimensional IBC, was always my preferred source of Iraqi casualties.

The truth is, I believe, that ever since civilians have become acceptable targets of military strikes, the number of reported killed will always be less than the actual number, out of caution if nothing else on the part of those doing the reporting, and of course for other various reasons as well.

I find it odd that some would gloat over one hundred plus thousand dead, as opposed to six hundred thousand dead, as though this was some sort of good news.

As for the “found” weapons of mass deception, oops wrong weapons, I would suggest reading comprehension skills enhancement courses.

But it concludes: “Even if the Al Sharky group attempted to include a neuroparalytical agent on or in a projectile, it is unlikely that this attempt would be successful. The explosion from the munitions alone would destroy the neuroparalytical agent.”

The hole in the perfessors case of course is that had WMDs been found the Bushco would have trumpeted the news from the rooftops. I don’t recall that occurring. (Bet you thought I was going to point out Wired’s involvement in pimping the whole story.)

Me thinks that Instapundidiot’s students ought to ask him if he knows where they can find a good lawyer. Of course that is just an opinion, not legal advice.

Deep Thought

The next four posts have been scheduled so as to have an orderly roll out of the days’ BS.

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