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The First Casualty Of War Is Truth

The death just gets stretched out by the proponents. The cake walk became a quagmire, and the six month surge has been going on for a year and half. But given enough time…

Update:Michael Ware has been pointing out for years why we can’t just withdraw from Iraq, and this PM he was pretty blunt about Iran, that for the most part most of Iraqi factions are proxies of Iran. That’s one elephant, the other is that this is an American made mess.

Everyone in the region has played us. Everyone.

We can blame the has been all we want, but America, as a nation, is responsible for destabilizing the Middle East.(this wasn’t even close to accurate) All the told you so’s won’t change that, and so I fail to see how listening to the same people that got us into this mess is going to be of any use since they are going to say whatever is necessary to salve their own egos.

This is after all what they spent their lives working to become, experts, and now that they are discredited by the reality of Iraq as it is, they will talk up another one over and over again until one finally works. Frankly I don’t really care to hear from the original pie in the sky experts. These are the dogs that are chasing their own tails and can’t hunt. Surely in this nation we have more experts than the ones who got us into this mess.

News Flash for Neo-Cons- real men go to Tehran- to negotiate. It’s bad enough you’ve passed the cost of the war on to our children and grandchildren, but apparently your ideology demands they fight your misbegotten war as well.

Update: I included a link to an article or post that is more informative.

Why Clinton Lost

While many have offered varying reasons for Hillary Clinton’s loss in a squeaker to Barack Obama, including political miscalculations, sexism, and the bad taste of Bill, the Woofer has pulled it all together,

Reductio ad absurdum

There is a fairly common misconception that reductio ad absurdum simply denotes “a silly argument” and is itself a formal fallacy. However, this is not correct; a properly constructed reductio constitutes a correct argument. When reductio ad absurdum is in error, it is because of a fallacy in the reasoning used to arrive at the contradiction, not the act of reduction itself.