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Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

One thing to bear in mind about global climate science is that this is the sort of thing that all major scientific breakthroughs go through. I wouldn’t burn the good doctor Jones at the stake if he won’t recant just yet, after all the science may stand up to the sceptics.

These things upset apple carts until people with apple carts discover that apple carts also carry peaches and cream as well. When free energy falls out of the sky you don’t need to be rocket scientist to harvest. What is needed is a stable transition method.

2 and a Half Cents per Bushel

Because I still watch the tubes,

My local transit authority is still on strike. Management, aided by friendly media, has definitely been winning the PR battle. Their basic strategy has been to announce daily that they are close to a deal, leaving it to the union to say, uh, no we aren’t.

Main issue seems to be concerns about the pension. Union wants an audit.

Everbody with a pension ought to be demanding one. That would be an issue if the axis powers of DC and New York actually were concerned about anyone in America’s future but their own.

It should boogle the mind’s of the boogleable minds that we are actually quibbling over 100 billion dollars a year in health care investments and not one of them ever, ever questions all the money thrown down the toilet in “national defense.” I refuse to believe that the rich and powerful are all a bunch of goobers, or just lining their fucking pockets off the largess, so throwing money away on shit that doesn’t work seems to be a feature not a bug.

So lets not kid ourselves about health care reform, or any other reform, unless it’s in China, that’s safe for Murican minds that are overboogled by crazy people whose sole purpose in life is to kill other people.

So That Makes The US A Superfund Site

Pope warns of ‘new colonialism’

Opening a three-week synod of African bishops, he said political colonialism was over.

But he said the developed world continued to export materialism – which he called “toxic spiritual rubbish” – to the continent.

Good thing no one listens to the Pope anymore…at least there is hope that Africa can have universal dead peasant insurance like Muricans do.

Deep Thought

The past is not a prelude to a global economy driven by information technology.