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Damned If You Do

Damned if you don’t.

“It’s a key point to remember that we cannot end the warnings. Failure to warn is not an option for us,” said Dai Lin Wang, an oceanographer at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii. “We cannot have a situation that we thought was no problem and then it’s devastating. That just cannot happen.”

Light Posting Yesterday

Will be followed by light posting today.

Saddle Up Boys

So far, Bachelet has called Maule and Biobío regions “disaster areas.”

Looking for relatives? 1-888-407-4747 ht CNN ( US State Department Number)

useful site: List of twiitters

Live broadcasts in Spanish

CNN and UniVision are staying on top of this.

Chile needs some help.

RIO DE JANEIRO — A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, shaking the capital of Santiago for 90 seconds and sending tsunami warnings from Chile to Ecuador.

Tsunami warning issued,

President Bachelet said: “People should remain calm. We’re doing everything we can with all the forces we have. Any information [we have] we will share immediately.”

She said a “wave of large proportion” had affected the Juan Fernandez island group, reaching halfway into one inhabited area.

(CNN) —

A massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Chile early Saturday, killing at least 52 people, producing powerful aftershocks and triggering a tsunami.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located off the coast in Maule, near the city of Concepcion, 212 miles (341 kilometers) from the capital of Santiago. The quake struck at 3:34 a.m. (1:34 a.m. ET).

Update: The Santiago airport is closed due to terminal damage, Tsunami warnings have been issued for Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific island nations.


Your Gubment at work,

Among other things, the P2P Cyber Protection and Informed User Act, introduced Wednesday by Sens. Amy Klobuchar and John Thune, would require people sharing software to alert users when they encounter a P2P program, according to a press statement from Sen. Klobuchar.

It also would make it unlawful to prevent an authorized PC user from blocking the installation of a P2P file-sharing program, or disabling or removing P2P programs.

Kinda kills a lot of the three letter boy’s installs doesn’t it?

Another Post

Sometimes you can write things of general interest to a general audience and not chap anyone’s ass, and sometimes you write to a specific audience about a specific topic and aggravate people who are always looking for slights. I can do both, but prefer the latter since if I’m picking on you, I’m leaving someone else alone, and there are a lot more of someone else’s around, but very few of you.

I think my post to the Christian community on the topic of Sodom may have been one of those sort of posts that some people in the GLBT community may have taken the wrong way, since any mention of Sodom must of course be about sexuality, especially their sexuality, except of course the mention of it in Ezekiel, the thrust of which was the sufficiency of bread, freedom from care, and an unwillingness to strengthen the arm of the poor, and then ” they really pissed me off!” (see also Nephilim)

When one looks through the concordance, one finds quite a few references to sexual immorality, heterosexual immorality, but these things are dwarfed by the mentions of the mistreatment of the poor, and perverting judgments against the widows, orphans, and poor. Usually mentions of adultery and fornication are allusions to spiritual immorality, not always, but usually. Everyone tends to overlook that fact, and the more likely so, the more likely the behaviors are exhibited by them on both, or either level.

If I were a Biblical scholar I could change the translation of the words and the meaning of the text to suit my theology, but I am not, so I have to read it in another manner, always checking it against the original languages, always bearing in mind that even those are reconstructions and copies of long lost originals, while keeping in mind that no other book has been subjected to as much literary criticism, and as such, has been subjected to being bandied about in the most abusive of terms by everyone and anyone that finds their behaviors enumerated in a bad light by the book, including myself. Hence, I am constantly advised to observe the ant, oh grasshopper.

What I cannot do is change my faith, or the tenants of my faith, while freely acknowledging that my interpretations of that are not the only valid interpretations. I could be wrong. There seems to be some misguided thinking that sees one sin to be more sinful than another, without considering just what sin is it that does not incur death? Even the Apostles were not spared of their humanity, and hence their tendency toward sin. This thing we are doing is a process, that never reaches the point of being without flaw, or sin.

So on occasion I will speak out publicly on some issues on a spiritual level, when there are certain groups of Christians that seem to take it upon themselves to go beyond the teachings and to do what they ought not to be doing, however well intentioned the motive may be, in their own minds, it is a pushing beyond the things taught, and that puts me in the awkward position of posting something critical about their efforts.

Enraging non-believers towards the Christ is hardly conducive to spreading the Gospel, and what profit is it if one is saved and a million stumbled because of your good intentions? For whether we like it or not, these things are not occurring in a corner, and they are not going unnoticed by those whom you should be reaching out to. I worry that these things are occurring so publicly for your glory, and not the glory of our God or his Christ,

None of this impacts, or impacts my thinking on, the civil level, nor should it. What the state’s relationship is to its’ citizens is not under the purview of the Bible. Equality under the law is a Biblical tenant, to be sure, but it is also enshrined in the Constitution, and that document is a function of, by, and for the state, we the people being the state.

So there is no wavering on my part in support of the Constitutional civil rights guaranteed to all of America’s citizens, not just those whom I happen to agree with in either civil or spiritual matters. I certainly am proscribed from judging anyone’s behavior in spiritual matters, and common decency would dictate to me that that is the case in temporal ones as well.

Oh, Do Tell

Supply side real estate deal in California,

The state plans to sell the buildings, which include the Ronald Reagan State Building in downtown Los Angeles, and then lease back the office space for state use for at least 20 years. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature approved the sale last June.

Maybe they should cut taxes instead.

You Know, Ellen Wouldn’t Leave The House

Without hers,

Yes — those insane Democrats! They think this debate is about how people with health care needs actually live in America! What madness! Don’t they know it’s really all about political posturing and seeing how close we can come to realizing Ayn Rand’s ideal society? Don’t they realize people are supposed to serve the capitalist economic system, and not the other way around? What crazy folk!

I mean, she’s one of the lucky ones, some people actually die from bad teeth. Some people can gum the hell out of a steak too.

Which all reminds me of another post…

The Plight of the Cranes

You would think that water wouldn’t be an issue in this part of the world, all you need is a trail ride to make itt rain, but there you go, Part 1 has some video of the birds, and part2

Prescribed burns became necessary after the blue crab started to disappear from the bay. The crabs constitute 85 percent of the crane’s diet. An organization known as The Aransas Project is blaming the loss of crabs and thus the crane’s malnutrition on the lack of fresh water.

“As a result of insufficient flow of fresh water into the bays from the Guadalupe River, all the bays that surround the wildlife refuge became salty,” said TAP regional director Ron Outen. “They became as salty or even more salty than the Gulf of Mexico. That drove away or killed all of the blue crabs.”

TAP’s mission is to advocate for better water management policies in the Guadalupe River so that the whooping cranes have enough water in the future to survive. They have provided an intent to sue against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality alleging that TCEQ’s policies have resulted in the deaths of the cranes that died last winter.

More aqui,

Scientists On Thin Ice

A vast iceburg conspiracy threatens global ocean currents,

Australian researchers say the iceberg – the size of Luxembourg – could block an area that produces a quarter of the world’s dense and very cold seawater.

They say a slowdown in the production of this water could result in colder winters in the north Atlantic.


Passed along without comment,

Microsoft has won court approval to shut down a global network of computers which it says is responsible for more than 1.5bn spam messages every day.

Thank You, Microsoft

You know this is one of those instances that put everyone in a tough spot. You can read the in ands outs starting at the Reg.

Anything more than the truth would appear too weak, YA. (Robert Frost)

Until Such Time

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