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Chatroulette In A SMS Box

Because there is no end to frightening and confusing me with modern technology.

Twitter reaches 175 million registered users,

YouTube one billion.

This ‘ere blog is holding steady at two, three on Sundays.

We Shall Win

Simply put.

“We will seek out every crack, every scrap, any opportunity to bring the day of peace,” Peres exhorted before the crowd. “We will win. Because only with peace can we win for real.”


More here.

Israel’s Labor party will walk out of the rightwing-dominated coalition government unless serious negotiations with the Palestinians get under way in the coming weeks, according to cabinet minister Avishay Braverman, an expected challenger to Ehud Barak for his party’s leadership.

The Sunday Talking Heads Review

The same people asking the same people the same questions so the same answers can be retold.

Profoundly enlightening.

We Live In Hard Ends

Not times times.

I Trust The Media More Than The Politicians

Politicians Are Fighting Mad, at the News Media Fact of the matter is some politicians can’t or won’t even answer the media’s softball questions, preferring to run their yaps on media bias.

They are above it all, and it appears to insult their dignity to have to answer questions about their leadership skills and qualifications. This has everything to do with the lower caliber of politicians than the low caliber of the media.

The media is in fact caught in a crossfire, which they allowed themselves to stumble into by getting away from the journalistic tenets, a symptom of media consolidation which nobody could have seen coming.

But the politicians haven’t proven anything to me by this, other than they are not fit to govern.

Bombs Designed To Fail In Mid-Air

Security officials say

Sophisticated bombs contained in packages sent from Yemen were designed to explode in the air and bring down the cargo planes carrying them, the government confirmed.

Intelligence experts believe the use of the devices, contained in printer cartridges on board two Chicago-bound cargo planes, represents a shift in terrorist tactics to commercial targets.

Yeah, they were addressed to synagogues to avoid attention by all parties involved, instead of bin Laden releasing a tape. That’s the benefit of using a Nokia phone, pressure sensitive cameras. Or something.

Maybe we ought to fire up the war dialers and speed the search.

This thing hasn’t passed the smell test from day one.

By Their Fruits

Cheers to America’s right wing,

So let’s see how they’ve done it. For starters, they have intensely studied successful right-wing groups that have succeeded in the past. They have realized that these parties have always made use of the same three tricks: First, take a real danger and blow it out of proportion. Second, conflate it with some other, imaginary dangers, so it looks even greater. And third, act in a way that reinforces the imaginary danger by doing everything possible to invite criticism from abroad.

Oooppps, wrong country, same result.

Better Living Through Chemistry.

Brain Viagra? When two heads are the same as either one.