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Off His Rocker

Good Lord

The pattern of the Republican efforts are becoming pretty clear,

They’ve lost their minds, or think we have.

Edwards Acquitted On One Count

Takes the glee out of GOP.

Shorter Cavuto: What we lack in facts, we’ll make up in innuendo.

Carpe Diem, Quam Minimum Credula Postero

Memento mori.

I’m not buying into the Republican framing that everything is bad! The economy is bad! The government is bad! The Europeans are all bad! The Arabs are bad! The hippies are bad! The weather is bad! Negro Presidents are bad! Greeks are bad! Socialism is bad! War is good! Poverty is good!

Fuck them, fuck that.

Americans need to pull their heads out of their asses.

Since there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do to make the elites change their policy, they’ve made up their minds don’t confuse them with facts or history, the question becomes what are we, or you, going to do about making the world a better place in spite of their sorry, ignorant asses?

There are literally millions of people sitting on their butts waiting for some talking head or radio megaphone to tell them everything is better now, feel good, go, go, go. That’s bullshit. If you can afford to invest in something tangible you ought to be doing so, instead of waiting for the perfect moment to make the perfect deal. Drop your pants and slide on the ice once in a while.


I remember there was a time when if I used an expletive to be deleted later, I would feel bad about writing it and delete the expletive with profuse apologies and promises never to do it again, and yet here I am. It’s one thing to write as you speak on the blog, which is much less formal than what writing had heretofore been, and quite another to write as you wouldn’t speak, in mixed company anyway. Writing is a more complex thinking and communications process than verbal communication, but to take it another step and return it to the easy swing of verbal communication while conveying the complexity of thought and word smithing required of the written word is one thing, falling into the lazy use of profanity another. In short profanity cannotes much and denotes nothing about the subject at hand, and something of the author’s state of mind at the time of writing.

So with apologies to one and all, I will do my utmost to move beyond that crap.

Update: 2:21 Starting now.


How’s that austerity thing working for ya?

How High’s The Water Momma?

Green shoots still underwater? I go with the data, not with what other people are saying the data says.

If you’re a blogger like myself, generally lacking any credentials in every field, you go out on a limb any time you start predicting which way any market is going, even if you manage to hit the nail on the head more often than not. Not having any skin in the game means not having any motivation for skewing what the data is saying, say, like happened with FaceBook, or the war on Iraq. Nothing to pump, nothing to dump.

Even the credentialed amigo linked here have some reputational skin in the game, but again, my analysis lacks even that motivational lever, and so to a great extent I can be more blunt in my assessments of the data. I think I need to be more careful in it as well, because I don’t have the personal interest angle to fall back on, because, “Yeah, I suckered them!” doesn’t buy me one fucking cigarette, much less a pack.

I also think that a lot of the high rollers talk and collude with each other to make the economy go the way that suits their interests, although I’m quite certain that the cooperation and collusion also had its’ limits.

George IV was happy to capitalise on the turmoil sweeping Europe. The misfortunes of the French aristocracy and collectors gave him the opportunity to enhance his own art collection – and demonstrate Britain’s enduring power.

the last part is utter bullshit of the sort I have been discussing that hobbles the experts of many fields of endeavor.

The thing is is that the run of the mill mom and pop millionaires need something to invest in and given that the high rollers have shit all over everything at the top, the investment dollars will go somewhere else until Congress grows a pair of balls and reforms the stock markets, revolving doors and other manipulative bullshit or the public plays its’ part and forgets what just happened last week or a decade ago, depending on what comes first.

We may be ruled by idiots, but we are not necessarily populated by them.

News You Can Use

That’s why it’s not on TV.

The US ranked in the bottom five least-protected consumer PC populations, with 19.32 per cent of punters living without basic security, according to McAfee’s stats. The situation was much better, but still not exactly brilliant, in Finland where only 9.7 per cent of consumer PCs went unprotected.

The lack of antivirus software puts valuable documents, such as pictures and financial records, at risk of destruction if malware corrupts a system. A separate study found that consumers globally say 27 per cent of their digital files would be “impossible to restore” because they are not backed up properly.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Being Principled

I’m sure they will tie it to trade with China.

The Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (or PRENDA), spearheaded by noted anti-abortion advocate Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), would subject doctors to a fine and imprison them for up to five years if they knowingly perform a sex-selective abortion. It would also require medical professionals to “report known or suspected violations” or otherwise face fines and up to one year in prison.

“Sex selection is violence against women, and it’s the truest form of a war on women,” Franks said on the House floor Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile back at the bombing range.

How Is It That You, Who Do Not Live As Jews

Would compel these others to do so?

Who would Jesus have the government mass murder?

A Kansas Baptist pastor believes he has the answer…“Terrorists are dangerous, the economy is a real and present danger,” Pastor Curtis Knapp told his congregation on Sunday. “But there is simply nothing other than the holocaust of the unborn which imperils the safety of our country or places our people in jeopardy as does the leader of the Western world publicly raising his fist at the heavens and declaring that the bedrock institution of society, ordained of God and meant to be protected by the state, is little more than a convention of convenience with the children of Sodom to transform the meaning of something, which is precious to Jesus Christ, and a living picture of his love for the church into a legally protected justification for perversion and a vehicle of hatred aimed directly at that love.”

Knapp went on to read from Leviticus 20: “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.”

I wonder if any of these people have ever read of Paul’s confrontation with Peter at Antioch?

We are Jews by nature, and not sinners from among the Gentiles; 16 nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, that we may be justified by faith in Christ, and not by the works of the Law; since by the works of the Law shall no flesh be justified.” (Galatians 2:15-16).

Now these superfine Christians need to remember,

I do not nullify the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly. (Galatians 2:19-21).

I have not personally found the Book of Romans that hard to understand. If one is a Christian and wishes to live under the Law then what is one to say to them that the Apostle hasn’t already told them, with much greater authority? Does not the teacher bear a greater burden of judgement?

Let those with ears to hear, listen, let those with eyes to see, look.

Just Wondering

Do any Republicans actually understand the accounting jargon, bucket? Like Social Security revenue and expenses are in different buckets than general fund revenues and expenses?

Or are we somehow going to start tying my neighbors finances to my credit rating, or even better, yours?

So Mitt Spilled Bong Water Too?

Probably on Obama’s birth certificate.

So now Team Romney has a new defense for Mitt’s refusal to stop palling around with The Donald. As Romney’s press secretary Andrea Saul explained on MSNBC:

“They don’t agree on every subject, and if you look, the Obama campaign refuses to denounce Bill Maher when he said extremely hateful things. So you’re going to see some things on both sides of the aisle.”

Oh the fun I could have with this.