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Having A Sense Of Humor Never Grows Old

Some things never change.

This calls for something profound to be said on my part, but then, you know me, if it ain’t fun don’t do it. Personally I don’t care what a bunch of raisin skinned rockers think about rock and roll or rock n rollers either.

Unless they send me commissions, inwhich case I do.

Pocket Pool On Syria

USS Cape Ray finally leaves port Jan. 27th

Yesterday, Reuters granted anonymity to “sources”, including two who are each identified as “a senior Western diplomat”, to blame Syria for delays in shipping its chemical weapons-related materials out of the country. Only when we get to the very last paragraph of the article, though, do we get to the fact that these chemicals are to be destroyed aboard the Cape Ray, a ship which the US has outfitted with equipment for destroying the chemicals at sea. The article does note that the Cape Ray is now in transit to the region, but it fails to note that even though the original plan was for the Cape Ray to begin its work by the end of December, the ship did not leave the US until January 27. Allowing for transit time to get to the region, it would appear that the US delay in supplying the Cape Ray can account for the bulk of the 6-8 weeks by which Syria is reported to be behind schedule.

FOX Host Says Men Are Overpaid

If I wrote headlines,

Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday argued that women don’t need Congress to address inequality in the workplace.

“Many women make exactly what they’re worth,” she said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “And they don’t want to be treated like some group of people who have to be, you know, given a little special handout just to make sure that they’re okay.”


Rational markets.

The State Of Fear

Bruce Schneier points out this piece, which takes through the Machiavellian and Hobbesian constructs of fear, along with its manipulation, and these graphs struck me,

Fear is a primal human state. From childhood on, we fear the monsters of our imaginations, lurking in dark closets, under beds, in deserted alleyways, but we also now fear monsters in the deserts of Yemen and the mountains of Pakistan. But perhaps it is possible to pause and subdue our fears by carefully observing reality — just as we might advise for trying to calm and comfort a fear-stricken child. We might find that, in reality, the more immediate danger to our democratic society comes from those who lurk in the halls of power in Washington and other national capitols and manipulate our fears to their own ends.

What are these ends? They are typically the protection of moneyed interests. In 1990, the Secretary of State James Baker tried to make the case for the first Gulf War on economic grounds. “The economic lifeline of the industrial world,” he said, “runs from the gulf and we cannot permit a dictator such as this to sit astride that economic lifeline.”

This is pretty much what Sale was pointing out at Sic Semper Tyrannis,

This view prompted the former U.S. diplomat and thinker George Kennan to say, “It would be hard, of course, to deny the vulnerabilities of modern democracy generally to domination by party machines and personalities in whose political motivation for political involvement a devotion to public interest is diluted, to put it mildly by considerations of another and less admirable nature.” (sic)

That is a very disconcerting and cumbersome sentence, but it does the trick. Surely a society is in danger when the “great affairs of state” cannot be carried out without excessive dependence on the struggles of political factions whose focus is mainly on their own jobs and advancing their own petty interests rather than solving or improving the major problems of national interest. It is clear that when the common citizen votes, it should be voting as an individual, not simply as a tool of some political party.

Gates’ disgust for Congress is merited. The focus of Congress should be on the promotion of decency, detachment, promoting intelligent responses among the common man to responsible leadership. Topics such as economic growth, unemployment, public schools, churches, the commercial dominated mass media, and budgetary problems require a certain intellectual breadth and a genuine seriousness towards life and that seriousness should be governing the Congress. Unfortunately, that earnestness, that willingness to work, the drive to master and is nowhere to be seen, and it hard to foresee its arrival.

First we must define the problem, and have the courage to admit to our fears and confront them. We can rightly applaud Sargent Remsburg for his courage, but we should ask ourselves if we do not ask too much from these men, when we refuse to confront our own fears with our own courage.

Where’s Big Government When You Need It

Georgia’s blues

I’m not sure what exactly prompted that CNN chyron, but the mayor’s getting completely grilled on how he failed to wave his magic wand and clear the streets. I have no idea if there’s anything that could have realistically been done to improve the situation, but it’s amusing that when things go wrong suddenly Big Government is supposed to fix everything. Right after they cut your taxes.

Al Roker is correct in saying the storm was predicted, and so…. But having watched the catastrophe of the Hurricane Rita evacuation, when freeways out of Houston were parking lots, you do understand the logistical nightmare that comes with trying to get huge numbers of people out of harms way. The last hurricane evacuation went fairly smoothly, and I would imagine the next blizzard in Georgia will be handled more smoothly too. That being said, *Republican Governors.

But the reality of these events is sh!t happens. Even Forrest Gump know that.

* Obligatory cheap political shot.

Bi-partisan update: On the bright side, all those people missed the SOTU speech and Republican responses. And NCIS was a rerun.

Semantic Antics

The guy’s an asshole. Scotto should have followed Cantore’s lead and kneed the guy in the balls.

Five Years Into The President’s Economic Policies

Republican’s haven’t figured out that those policies are belong to Congress. That’s why they are upset with his using Executive orders.

Because professionalism!