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Guatemalan Volcano Pops

GUATEMALA CITY — A volcano eruption in Guatemala has killed a reporter and left three children missing.

Model Me Oil Spill

I was looking for the positioning of the undersea oil plumes when I ran across this four pane of differing models, which are surface models.

Vernon Asper’s blog. Last updated the 15th.

I Have Enough Optimism For 200 Million People

The rest of you will need to import some, or export the pessimism.

اليوم العالمي لمكافحة الرقابة الإلكترونية

Beats me, you’ll have to follow the links

Reporters Without Borders will celebrate World Day Against Cyber Censorship on 12 March. This event is intended to rally everyone in support of a single Internet that is unrestricted and accessible to all. It is also meant to draw attention to the fact that, by creating new spaces for exchanging ideas and information, the Internet is a force for freedom. However, more and more governments have realised this and are reacting by trying to control the Internet.

Light Posting Yesterday

Will be followed by light posting today.

Googling A Surplus

OOoops, Wikipedia

Clinton was described as a New Democrat and was largely known for the Third Way philosophy of governance that came to epitomize his two terms as president.[3] His policies, on issues such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and welfare reform, have been described as centrist.[4][5] Clinton presided over the longest period of peace-time economic expansion in American history, which included a balanced budget and a federal surplus.[6][7] The Congressional Budget Office reported a surplus of $236B in 2000, the last full year of Clinton’s presidency.

Just saying.Pesky wiki,

One Day of the Iraq War = 720 Million Dollars, How Would You Spend it?

One Day of the Iraq War = 84 New Elementary Schools

One Day of the Iraq War = 12,478 Elementary School Teachers

One Day of the Iraq War = 95,364 Head Start Places for Children

One Day of the Iraq War = 1,153,846 Children with Free School Lunches

One Day of the Iraq War = 34,904 Four-Year Scholarships for University Students

One Day of the Iraq War = 163,525 People with Health Care

One Day of the Iraq War = 423,529 Children with Health Care

One Day of the Iraq War = 6,482 Families with Homes

One Day of the Iraq War = 1,274,336 Homes with Renewable Energy

The Expense Side

The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition (PDF) June 2005

The policy change considered in this report, marijuana legalization, is more substantial than marijuana decriminalization, which means repealing criminal penalties against possession but retaining them against trafficking. The budgetary implications of legalization exceed those of decriminalization for three reasons.1 First, legalization eliminates arrests for trafficking in addition to eliminating arrests for possession. Second, legalization saves prosecutorial, judicial, and incarceration expenses; these savings are minimal in the case of decriminalization. Third, legalization allows taxation of marijuana production and sale.

This report concludes that marijuana legalization would reduce government expenditure
by $7.7 billion annually. Marijuana legalization would also generate tax revenue of $2.4 billion annually if marijuana were taxed like all other goods and $6.2 billion annually if marijuana were taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco.

So using 2005 low ball arrest and incarceration rates figures, and my pencil whipped economics, we wind up with a 50 billion dollar a year savings. Worth a read.

Even with these basic numbers the current economic crisis could be impacted with a forty year pay out of $2 trillion from legalization. There are other implications, but there is not a substantial rise in use to be expected. Being of a somewhat stoic nature I can only surmise that it would be better for the epicureans of America to help finance the epicureans of Wall Street and DC than for the rest of us to expend useful capital on miscreant individuals and demagogic politicians talking about cutting taxes and spending like drunken sailors.


I presume someone is going to buy the guy a watch.