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The Hatred Of The Left

Some of you may remember when I debated YoungRich2, a black conservative from New York, on Affirmative Action. The irony!

Anyway I bring this up because Se-Han-ty and Ju– –llia-s were discussing the treatment of black conservatives at the hands of the left, which used Breitfart type gotcha videos to illustrate their point, and make the left look like a bunch of hypocritical asses by asking what should be done about Clarence Thomas.

The thing is it works.

There isn’t a thing you can do about Clarence Thomas, his wife, or anyone else that is appointed as a federal judge for life, and given that Breitfarts tactics are well known, (aren’t they Arianna?,) then it would seem that large and small gatherings of liberal activists would have enough sense to ignore stupid questions and STFU.

It is called framing the debate,

Democrats of all stripes have been so focused on details of policy that they have surrendered public political discourse to conservatives, and with it the key to the nation’s future.

You may want to read the entire thing from Mr. LaKoff as I am pretty sure the Repugs are going to now that I’ve linked it.

You see, they haven’t forgotten the debate.

Update: Just to add, Hannity in particular, Faux in general, tends to lambast the nominally conservative mainstream television media stars as being flaming liberals and blithering idiots, which is working the refs from the inside. This doesn’t excuse the rest of the media for being biased towards the conservatives, but it does explain some of their willingness to do so. After all journalistic integrity demands they ignore those sorts of cheap shots, which also speaks to Faux lack of it, and to some extent the willingness of the rest of the media to tackle those of us without the same credentials as theirs, with a bullhorn that belongs exclusively to television media.

We are holding our own because we are on the right side of the issues.