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Up Yours

Anonymously of course.

Anonymous also posted HBGary’s research of the hacking collective, claiming that the names and addresses of Anonymous members gleaned by the firm are largely bogus. The techniques and methods employed during the attack remain unclear.

More here y mas aqui. and also too, London calling.

Daddy War Big Bucks- Made Short

You buy gasoline from a retailer
the retailer buys gas from a wholesaler with your spent dollars
the wholesaler buys it from a broker
the broker buys it from a refinery
the refinery from a producer
the producer uses your dollar to buy US Treasury bonds
Uncle Sam takes the Treasury bond cash and puts it on a pallet
The pallet is shipped to Iraq where it disappears.
Your taxes buy back the US Treasury bonds from the producers

It’s Unanimous

Broadcaster don’t like being live blogged.

I’ll make a note of that.