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By God’s Grace

America had George Washington. 

That was one large step for mankind in the direction of democracy, and to set a standard for the peaceful exercise, and transfer of power. He was every inch a king.

No other President has ever been his equal, his only failing in my opinion, in picking the wrong cousin to be Chief Justice.

An Abortion Is An Abortion

That’s why we don’t like to talk about it, or in my case, even think about it.

It’s  none of my damned business.

I Shan’t Engage In Scuttlebutt

I think.

Thou shalt not be magnanimous at the good doctor’s expense, or any other good doctor’s expense, though recompense is appreciated by any good doctor’s of any good sense.

Erick son of Erick son of many Erick’s too often was talking to his base just like Krugman talks to his. I happen to read Krugman because I like facts and reality based thinkers, and only hear about Erick etc, ( EE/Ee copy pending, ) when he enters the distortion field. I give the lad a lot of grief when I can of course, but gripes. 

I hope good doctors everywhere remember good doctors everywhere, but I’m only good at other stuff.

This much I do know however.

Well I’ve Never Been To Spain

But I first heard the song in Oklahoma, Three Dog Night, when tens of millions were all almost one, now forsooth I am, and therefore and also too I think . Oklahoma is good place to go if your heading north or south from here. If heading south there’s still time to turn around and go back, if your going north your getting closer. If you’re staying put, then you don’t need to put down the phone. I’ll call back if you do.

I’m going to enjoy the 4th of July this year, if everyone does what they want to do, and so publicly request that the three letter boys, for one random hour next week, reboot your systems, as a logical first step in ending the war on terror.

Probably not huh? Well then I hope  everyone does what they want within tolerances and doesn’t slip up. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about it next time you use your car to get to the dinner table.

No matter who you meet working at any eatery deals with the public, good, none nondescript, bad, asshole, scary, etc. I would imagine that being a cop is a lot like that except different. Almost all their contact is with scary people slipping up, or when bad things happen to good people. They almost never show up when nothing is happening.

But if it bleeds it leads the news is an understatement. It would seem to me that all of their contact with the public is a negative experience to themselves no matter how minor the contact. Personally I like happy policemen, so if no one slips up, takes a little extra time to do what they have to do knowing everyone in America except the random rebooters are out doing the same thing, you’ll keep your stress, their stress, and everyone else is stress level to a minimum. Who knows, maybe they can enjoy the 4th a little bit too.

Gernany, EU Object To Civilization

A little bit goes a long way,

Information obtained by SPIEGEL shows that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) not only conducted online surveillance of European citizens, but also appears to have specifically targeted buildings housing European Union institutions. The information appears in secret documents obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden that SPIEGEL has in part seen. A “top secret” 2010 document describes how the secret service attacked the EU’s diplomatic representation in Washington.

Other sources report, 

A spokesman for the European commission said: “We have immediately been in contact with the US authorities in Washington and in Brussels and have confronted them with the press reports. They have told us they are checking on the accuracy of the information released yesterday and will come back to us.”

US officials are expected to report that they haven’t seen a thing.

Maybe They Should Discuss The Same Thing

I could be wrong, but they’re both right.

The Shrill One delivers.

Just this from Digsby really does say it all,

But then, only elitists want to solve problems; true men of the people just vent, and what matters is perception, not truth.

Take out the straw man and you end up with,

But then, only elitists want to solve problems and what matters is perception, not truth.

The first half is hyperbole, and the last half is electoral political reality. It’s called framing, and since Krugman’s facts are framed by those hostile to the politics of his economics they get cropped in the picture the men of the people see on TV, radio and in ink and paper. Facts win debates, not political elections.

No amount of Krugman’s facts, and he has been proven right in his assessments and projections, is going to change the minds of the Tea Party base which understands no more than family, and personal finance from what I can gather.

Their perception is their reality, and that is the Republican Party leadership problem, having instilled that belief into the base, they cannot just tell the Tea Party things have changed here’s the new economic reality. So they’re shifting to inflation to continue cutting into the Tea Party’s own economic interests. It’s just another bait and switch.

Real elitists are stuffing as much money into their personal pockets as they can, screw the rest of us. In that game Tea Party and liberals are non elitists, they’re the marks. That’s the only fact you need to know that shouldn’t become perception.

Rice: NSA Leak Not Significant To Open Democratic Societies

Paranoid nations are the only one’s that need to fear.‘ she said to a gathering of ostriches which wiggled their arses in assent.

“I don’t think the diplomatic consequences, at least as they are foreseeable now, are that significant,” she said.

‘All options are on the table,’ she implied by alluding to carpet bombings mentioned in the latest diplomatic cables leak, ‘but as you know only the peeps are stunned to find out about it, and only those who get their news from the internet’

‘We expect things to settle down when the American people discover that we have been civilizing them for 21st century reality, and that all civilized people from before the pyramids to now know that spying on each other is not being a peeping Tom, but butting into other peoples business so they don’t innovate anything anymore.’

She also implied off the record, ‘that’s the big wheel you know, which within which the wheels within wheels within wheels turn and spin. We are sort of the eyeballs on the wheels. It’s eyeball on top of eyeball – eye balls all the way down.’ ‘Stuff like that.’

Back on record she said, ‘All civilized people do it.’

She abruptly terminated the imagined interview and threatened the imaginary reporter when he imagined that off the record stuff was a lie.

Or something like that.

I should mention that I imagine I would have asked her if there were any normal sized horses in the diplomatic stables, and confirm if the high horses been seen outstanding in their fields. Imaginary important people can be worse than the real thing.

Da Fence

‘The sun shone on a flat Earth first!’

The latest installment in Republican rebranding:

“One thing I think is pretty clear,” Priebus told CNN. “We wouldn’t have been in this place without Republicans being at the table pushing for immigration reform. And I think this conversation would never be happening without Marco Rubio.”

You can count on Republicans being at the table pushing, hoping your neck is between it and the wall, and Marco Rubio crossed the bottle of Rubicon River Sparkling Water to many lulz.

“My understanding is that the House is going to draft its own version of an immigration bill that they see as either a better fix for comprehensive immigration reform, or something that is reflective of the Republican majority of the House, and then potentially go to conference, and potentially have a conclusion,” he said.

Two plans that don’t work are better than no plans that don’t work, but in any case chew up the clock if anyone gets wise to those facts. The three chances of immigration reforms proposed, YMMV, by  Republicans so far are slim, fat and no.

Now I could say something here about Republicans sounding like Doby Gillis and working like Maynard C. Krebs, but I have no illusions about the illustrious 535, one and all, of being Eddie Haskels either, nor the allusions being lost on many if not all.

Also too, I would be remiss not to say Arglebarglebarglebargle back at ya baby.

Now with added features conspicuous to writing!!!!

The Tale Of Two Priorities

We the People of the United States

A bipartisan group of 26 US senators has written to intelligence chiefs to complain that the administration is relying on a “secret body of law” to collect massive amounts of data on US citizens.

The senators accuse officials of making misleading statements and demand that the director of national intelligence James Clapper answer a series of specific questions on the scale of domestic surveillance as well as the legal justification for it.

In their strongly-worded letter to Clapper, the senators said they believed the government may be misinterpreting existing legislation to justify the sweeping collection of telephone and internet data revealed by the Guardian.

in Order to form a more perfect Union,

Senate Republican leaders have sent letters warning six professional sports leagues not to provide the Obama administration any assistance in promoting Obamacare.

The letters, dated June 27, warn the chiefs of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Professional Golf Association and NASCAR that partnering with the administration to publicize the benefits of the health care law would damage their reputations.

“Given the divisiveness and persistent unpopularity of this bill, it is difficult to understand why an organization like yours would risk damaging its inclusive and apolitical brand by lending its name to its promotion,” wrote Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX).


I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me,

On Thursday, Wired revealed the Icelandic teenager that was part of WikiLeaks also served as a paid FBI informant, publishing months of e-mails from Thordarson to his FBI handlers (ending in February 2012) and a document entitled “Receipt for Property Received” on FBI stationary (previously only published for a short time on Thordarson’s Twitter account), which detailed that the government acquired eight hard drives from Thordarson. The Icelandic informant told Ars there are more e-mails that he did not share, which continue until July 11, 2012.


In June 2011, WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange was staying at the Ellingham Hall estate after being granted bail by an English court. Thordarson says that with Assange at his side, he asked Lulzsec’s Sabu to hack Stratfor, essentially on WikiLeaks’ behalf.

“At the end of the day by asking Sabu or anyone else to hack into a company just to leak information, then they’re breaking the law,” Thordarson said. “If [Bradley] Manning or [Edward] Snowden come forward to WikiLeaks or anyone else and provide them information without hacking their system, then they’re just a media company in publishing the information.”

Thordarson said that while he was the one in communication with the Lulzsec leader, Assange was egging him on. Thordarson didn’t know that Sabu himself had already become a FBI informant just a week earlier, but the young Icelander was afraid of getting caught.

Yes, But

He outsmarted you.

The administration, though, would rather marginalize Snowden, a former National Security Agency systems analyst who is thought to have custody of more classified documents.

“Calling him a hacker, as opposed to a government contractor or an NSA employee, brings him down a notch to someone who’s an irritant, as opposed to someone who has access to integral intelligence files,” Pauker said. “To externalize him and brand him with a black-hat hacker tag distances him from the government.”

The disdainful talk isn’t just coming from the White House.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, called Snowden “a high school dropout who had a whole series of both academic troubles and employment troubles” after a recent closed hearing on the leaks. The committee’s top Democrat, C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger from Maryland, called Snowden “a legend in his own mind” for claiming to be able to use NSA systems to access any email or phone call anywhere — something the NSA’s director has said can’t be done.

In fact if you had kept quiet about it from the git-mo git-go you wouldn’t have walk it back now. But you wanted to be somebody instead of getting something done. Calling him a ‘hacker’ only conveys a lack of erudition with the English language. He didn’t ‘hack’ anything except his job interview, and that was social engineering done right, as opposed to your efforts to walk back your over reaction.

Not bad for a high school drop out. Perhaps education isn’t synonymous with intelligence, anymore than national security is.

Deep Thought

Rick Perry is running for re-election against Wendy Davis, hence the politics of personal destruction.

A Nation Of Knuckle Headed Columnists

Mr. Brooks now supposes to change the European heritage of Spanish and Portuguese colonies to something other than it is. Perhaps living in Texas makes one more familiar with Cinco de Mayo, and the Bonaparte’s, although I find that hard to believe.

Mr. Brooks should work on educational reform, beginning with his own.

My Country, Right Or Wrong

but not indifferent, 

I think i have done a fairly decent job on the NSA story as far as not letting hero worship or scapegoating of Snowden and Greenwald to become the focus of what I’m concerned about in the story. I also think I’ve done a pretty decent job of pointing out the various technical aspects of the story with links to people that have a history of involvement with the technology under discussion, BT in particular, who has written a couple of posts without jargon so that the average internet user can understand the lengths and limits of that technology. I don’t recall anyone else pointing out what damage a leak can do to intelligence gathering from an intelligence agency report previous to both Manning and Snowden. Because I wanted to know those things, I did.

I really don’t have a lot of illusions about the Constitution either. The people may hold it to be a sacred document, but as we have seen with the NRA, when it is convenient to do so, as we have also seen with the Supreme Court, Congress and the Presidency. If it were all it was cracked up to be there would be armed assertives of the second amendment just as assertive of the fourth and fifth. In short we love our nation, without any real clear definition of just what this thing we call America is, especially if we base that love on the Constitution.

I think some of that comes into play with Greenwald, the ACLU, and any other individual or group that wishes to stake its’ position on the Constitution. We love America because we happen to have been born here. Nothing in our history suggest anything like a fealty to the Constitution, from Adams on down to Obama. It is however a pathway, a marker in the woods that allows us to wander, but not too far. But we aren’t debating Constitutional issues, we are debating likes and dislikes with the strawman of the Constitution as the bludgeon.

We have yet to accept the fact that the Declaration of Independence is a document of the Enlightenment, and the Constitution is the document of the counter revolution. Without the Bill of Rights it would have failed to have been ratified, but individual rights weren’t intrinsic to the debate of the Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights remain the cornerstone of perception for the common man, yet the body of the Constitution is the cornerstone of the political elite with which they chip away at the liberties and freedoms of the common man espoused in the Declaration and enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

 I can recall the American Bi-Centennial hoopla in 1976, and the near silence of the Constitutional bi-centennial in 1989, as many of you can. The Fourth of July belongs to all of the people, the Constitution to the established power. The Bill of Rights are a reminder to that power that it is not absolute, and so long as free speech exists in America, it is a danger to main body of the document, and hence to the government of the elite.

So the debate as I see it is not whether the NSA and various other domestic spying programs are necessary to defend the United States, undoubtedly our nation must play the game as do ll other nations. The debate is whom shall defend the nation from our own government? Those who hold the reins of power, or those who hold liberty and the rights of man in their hearts?

External threats call one and all to her defense, since that which is most sacred to either is under threat. This debate is about whether the threat from external forces is more dangerous to the well being of the people of the United States, or are the internal forces which deem it necessary to abrogate the Constitutional guarantees of the Bill of Rights to protect themselves and us from those external forces.

The truth however is that if either the external or internal forces should prevail, the outcome for the common people will be a distinction without a difference. Private Manning and Mr. Snowden have decide to live without the chains of indifference, and we must decide if they have concluded correctly in doing so. This debate is not about them, it is about us.

FISA Tries To Clear It’s Name

Will Allow Google & Microsoft to clear their names.

Now that we’re all transparent, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.