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Oh Obsoletely, The Cold War II

You would think that conservatives would understand the huge difference between having troops in Korea, Japan and Germany, and the current conflict, the treaty impositions of an all out war, and the shock and ahhh, of Iraq.

John McCain is stuck in his generations world view, World War Two and the silent absorption of the liabilities of the British Empire. It has nothing to do with his biological age, I hope he lives to a hundred and still works rubics cubes. But we can ill afford a President that is still slaying dragons from a mythological era.

(I tightened it up bit)

Hey John

The “economist” were talking about the sub prime melt down two years ago, proving again that the disability inherent with a lack of use of the internet belongs in a town hall meeting. Hope to see you.

Hegemony OK If No One Gets Hurt

Teh Surge Is Working!

More re-enforcement. Understanding the “surge” is a little bit more complex than understanding we sent more troops into Iraq, which is pretty much the way it is set up for domestic political consumption, and as such looses contact with the reality of what is going on “Over There!”

I don’t think McCain is even thinking about Iraq when he says this. Everything for him is in some grand historical context, ignoring the political caveat that democracies are always quick to go into wars, and re-enforcing the idea they wish to leave nearly as quickly as casualties mount. Without casualties we could stay forevah!

His disconnect with me is taking the larger picture with Iraq and being blind to the effects of empire on democracy, and democracies on war, which is an even larger view of things. It is political pandering wrapped in the flag. The framers of the Constitution understood McCain better than he understands them.

McCain Flip Flops On Negative Campaigning

McCain wastes no time in turning negative

The Democratic hopeful Barack Obama took his campaign to the Republican bastion of North Carolina yesterday, while his opponent, John McCain, launched the first attack ad of the presidential election.

Despite promises to stay on the higher ground, Mr McCain’s commercial uses imagery to suggest that Mr Obama is a friend of America’s enemies. It shows an apparently badly shaven Mr Obama looking across at the bearded face of the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It is a far cry from the candidate’s pledge in April for a campaign that is more akin to a discussion among friends than a bitter clash of ideological rivals.

There he goes again.

The public editor wishes to extend an apology to all our readers for the typing error of the headline writer.