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Because PayPal Sucks

Alternatives to corporate DOS attacks,

The organization Courage to Resist has had a PayPal account since 2006 to allow supporters to make donations. They claim to have had few issues with PayPal over the years–until recently. Soon after encouraging people to use the online payment service to make donations to help fund the “Stand with Bradley Manning” petition effort, that account was frozen by PayPal. From Courage to Resist:

They seem to have pretty arbitrary policies over there, which means they arbitrarily freeze free speech accounts on account of not liking free speech.

Update: Even so,

Customers of Internet money transfer service PayPal are being targeted in an aggressive email phishing scam that is masquerading as an urgent security warning, a familiar scam for PayPal customers.

Users of PayPal are receiving an email message from them that claims to be an urgent security warning. Those who follow the HTML link in the email are being redirected to a convincing facsimile of the PayPal website which claims that the user’s access is limited and presents them with a form asking for various banking information, including your bank name and credit card information, to remove the limitations, according to a post at Naked Security.