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Mr. Cillizza, Meet Map

Just saying,

Mitt Romney’s across-the-board victory in the Florida Republican presidential primary on Tuesday night serves as a direct rebuttal to the criticism that he simply isn’t conservative enough to be the party’s nominee and leaves his remaining rivals with few obvious next steps as the nomination fight moves to Nevada next month.

One problem, says it all. Money, organization, reading this ‘ere blog. Well two out of three anywway.

At Least Obama Has Policy Positions

After three elections and one caucus all we know about Republican candidates for President is that the other guys are qualified to be President.

Congressional Republicans on the other hand all appear to be waiting for someone to tell them what to think so that might inform the rest of us just what that might be.

Besides Obama isn’t qualified to be President, that is.

Sound And Fury

Thank you Mr. Barak,

At that point Barak leaned forward and said with the utmost solemnity: “And if a nuclear Iran covets and occupies some gulf state, who will liberate it? The bottom line is that we must deal with the problem now.”

I think this pretty much confirms what Stratfor was saying which I posted up here.


Which gulf state he may be refering to is immaterrial I suppose, Iraq will soon be producing as much oil as Saudi Arabia, unless things fall apart there, so the balance of power and influence has already shifted in Iran’s favor.

That’s not to say that Barak and Netanyahu don’t feel the pressure,

He and Netanyahu, he said, are responsible “in a very direct and concrete way for the existence of the State of Israel — indeed, for the future of the Jewish people.”

Hyperbole aside.

One can only hope however, that the everyone involved is also smart enough to play the long game, which seems to be missing from the entire discussion. What do we wish to see the Mid-East look like in fifty years, and what steps are necessary to getting there? Without achievable strategic goals, tactical action is a waste of time, and as such, barely rises above state sponsered terrorism.

So, This Is The Guy That’s Going To Balance The Budget, Huh?

Maybe he will start with his own math.Even for Mitt Romney, this is some gag-inducing bull$hit:

“You know, in South Carolina we were vastly outspent with negative ads attacking me and we stood back and spoke about President Obama and suffered the consequence of that,” Romney told reporters outside his Tampa campaign headquarters.

Actually, that’s false. Romney outspent Gingrich by a two-to-one ratio, but who cares about facts, Romney is using his imaginary history to justify his Florida tactics:

He’s trying to prove that not only do Mormons not eat their children, they don’t even eat their own words?

The Key Words

In response to,

That plot “shows that some Iranian officials — probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei — have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime,” Clapper said in the testimony, which was submitted to the Senate Intelligence Committee in advance of a threat assessment hearing Tuesday.

War mongers may of course overlook key words to re-enforce their prejuduces, which fortunately will not be carried by media, established or otherwise.

Or something.

Le Mot du Jour


Plus la pensée originale de la droite.

The Other Ben Stein

I listened to Stuart Varney and Ben Stein tonight on the O’Reilly Factor, (I know, I know, lucky me,)Seems like just three and a half years ago

There is no other entity besides the government that can restore this situation to a full employment equilibrium position. State governments are suffering and so are municipalities. Corporations are obviously suffering. Only the federal government can literally print money to restore the situation.

Any stimulus will have to be large and fast. The analogy would be to falling off a cliff. It takes a certain care to keep from falling off a cliff but it is a lot easier than retrieving you after you have fallen. The history is that only a large amount of stimulus at this point when the private economy is in shock will help. This means a lot of stimulus applied on a continuous basis.

Posted: 12:51 PM ET Few Humble Thoughts About The Economy By Ben Stein, Larry King Live Blog Exclusive

There is no macro economic reason not to save the auto companies. They must be reformed, of course, but they need to be saved to keep a massive fall in employment and confidence from occurring.

In the current environment, that of credit fears, there are immense bargains out there in credit related issues such as real estate investment trusts and federally guaranteed mortgage real estate investment trusts and also in real estate itself.
Stocks look cheap but not if the economy falls into a true Depression.

Not only is interesting how many people supported the Bush stimuluses of 2008, but the 2009 stimulus, when the economy was heading over the cliff. Now that is change you can count on.

Gingrich, Papademos Counting On Come From Behind Victories

Merkel, Romney Initiate Rear Guard Actions

(Headlines we won’t see anytime soon.)

Just Wondering

How’s austerity working in Europe these days?


These guys are going to balance the budget, huh?

Rubin’s calculations showed that the Romneys paid out 42 percent of their income in 2011.

Using the numbers from Romney’s 2010 tax return, this math shows that the Romneys paid out 32.44 percent of their income in 2010.

What neither Rubin nor Kathleen Parker mentioned: if you do the exact same math on the Obamas’ tax return for 2010, you find that the Obamas paid out 46.25 percent of their income.

Here’s the math using the numbers on the Obamas’ tax return:

Algebra is tough.