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Oh Well

If it was important…

The cause of the snafu remains unclear, though it does illustrate the need to back up important messages instead of blindly trusting cloud-based services, despite the fact that locally held data is far more likely to be destroyed by hardware failure or similar data loss.

I still have all of my very very important stuff.

Is It Just Me

Or does anyone else find it odd that America and Britain are discussing the war crimes of Gaddafi?

Mac Attack

Keeping up with the neighbors,

Miscreants have adapted a Windows Trojan in an attempt to create malware that established a backdoor on Macs, as part of an apparent bid to drum up commercial interest for their dastardly wares.

I suppose so.

Writing To Their Audience

It’s what we always knew,

The powerful protests spreading across the Middle East and North Africa have shunned the two central tenets of Al Qaeda’s credo: murderous violence and religious fanaticism.

That’s it, ignore the homeland variety.

I’m Working On That Too

Doing my part,

Despite exam stress, a long stint in education is good for people’s blood pressure, according to researchers in the US.

Yeah that artificial stress isn’t anything like trying to decide whether to fry or bake cat food.


There was an awards show I didn’t see. Glad I didn’t miss it.

This Is A Day Jehovah Has Made

We will rejoice and be glad in it.

No DOS is Good DOS

As noted here, PayPal had frozen the account of Courage to Resist over donations to Bradley Manning. It has now been lifted. FWIW DOS 3.2, 5.0 and 6.3 were OK too.

Teh Surge Is Working


At least five people have been killed in anti-government protests in Iraq as thousands take to the streets in cities across the country for a “day of rage”.

Baghdad has been virtually locked down, with the authorities banning traffic in the city centre and deploying several thousand soldiers on the streets.

I’m sure this evening the Neo-con gangsters will be on TV explaining why this is a good thing initiated under the former administration and themselves.

Oh Do Tell

Austerity works

The US Department of Commerce has unexpectedly cut its estimate of fourth-quarter growth to an annualised 2.8%, from 3.2% previously.

Analysts had instead expected the figure to be revised up slightly to 3.3%.

‘نحن معكم، في طرابلس."

Soldiarity from the east

Demonstrators in the eastern part of the country, a region believed to be largely free from Gaddafi’s control , held protests in support for the demonstrations in the capital.

“Friday prayer in Benghazi have seen thousands and thousands on the streets. All the banners are for the benefit of the capital, [they are saying] ‘We’re with you, Tripoli.'” Al jazeera’s Laurence Lee reported.

Americaan media reports that it can’t show any pictures or videos because no one is posting them up on YouTube, and they have too few reporters to actually do their jobs. (They are however waving pom poms and flags.)

Update: We’ll see

There are unconfirmed reports of a major airbase in Tripoli falling into opposition hands. If true it would be a serious blow to the Libyan ruler’s attempts to cling to power in the capital. In much of the rest of the country the battle already appears lost.

While many people in the Middle East assume that the United States is rich enough and powerful enough to do more for Tripoli, the fact remains that it may not be in the Libyan peoples interests for us to do so, and replace one tyranny with our own. These are the two major strains of thought in American circles.


Reports coming in that Libyan security forces tried to seize back control of the coastal town of Zawiyah, about 50 kilometers west of Tripoli, but were driven back by government opponents,

2:55pm All diplomats at the Libyan embassy in New Delhi have now defected. Not just the ambassador but the entire embassy Al Jazeera has learned. An excerpt of the press release sent to Al Jazeera:

Libiya for Libiyans,

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has issued a harsh warning to the Libyan authorities urging Muammar Gaddafi to stop the brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters.

President Medvedev on Friday issued a special address dedicated to the Libyan unrest. It reads that Russia calls upon the Libyan authorities not to allow any further aggravation of the situation and destruction of the civilian population. Otherwise, the statement reads, such actions would be qualified as a crime with all consequences that could lead from it.

As I was saying…

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned Western countries against attempts of meddling in the Arab world to try to impose democracy.

Speaking after talks with the EU leadership, he said that previous efforts along those lines had led to victories for governments the West is now fighting to contain.

Just to note Gaddaffi’s remarks about Al Qaeada probably have something to do with the Davis situation in Pakistan and a report of his passing fissile and chemical and materials them. Update: I’m sure Boris has only good intentions too.

Journalist ‘tours’

On his television channel, Allibiyah, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said Libya will be “open to all journalists” to “reveal the truth” of what has been taking place on the ground.

He is flagging the argument against claims of aerial bombings in Tripoli that some news networks spoke of after speaking to residents here on the phone.

It is an argument he will win because there were no aerial bombings in Tripoli.

So we can expect you to open the city to other news organizations?

Send your pictures and videos to or text them to 61124 (UK) or +44 7725 100 100 (International). If you have a large file you can upload here.

Google Goes Evil

Algorithm not suited to bidness interests,

“This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites – sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful,” said Amit Singhal, a Google fellow, and Matt Cutts, head of the company’s spam-fighting team, wrote in a blog post late on Thursday.

“At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites — sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”

Mothers know best.

The move will also be seen as part of Google’s wider attempt to woo news organisations and other “high-quality” content producers. Some publishers’ content had slipped down Google search results as content farms rose in prominence.


This going to kill American cable and TV network news.

BTW My ranking has improved so I’m moving the blog.