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Bushcovites etc

When it comes to the torture issue I find it very unlikely that the government will acquiesce to the demands of unmentioned libertarians and civil libertarians of the left, and all sorts of people from everywhere else on the spectrum who want a return to the rule of law, but laws must be just to rule the hearts of men. That doesn’t mean just for the left or the right, but just for the left and the right. The law is not pure nor prescient, just as judges are not infallible, they are constantly learning in their biases as well.

If it is to be a legal issue then it must be left to the judicial process, not the political process to resolve. I can no more ascertain from here the evidence than I could with OJ. So I can’t really have a legal opinion of the case.

There are political opinions too, many of them sound, logical points of law. The remedy for that is legislation. Lest we forget many of them are designed explicitly to arouse public uproars, present company excluded of course. Given the proper levers man moves man.

It seems the other exposed nerve has to do with a tea party, which I was cordially invited to attend. It started out open ended with the push off but that lasted half a minute or two before the Boss Seedy made the call that it was an AstroGOP event and they were going to be having speakers yelling at non Republicans under the umbrella “Democrat Party”, about shared values and the right to be who ever in the hell God made them to be. Since I already wish them that, there was no point in my going so I watched TV.

Now I’m not surprised at the mocking the events inspired. After the astroturf operation was revealed was not the time to start getting serious about waving teabags in peoples faces. The left has an earthy humor. But it seems to me conservatives were the ones in 1969 that really believed if everyone concentrated they really could levitate the Pentagon. I didn’t go to that one either and that’s why the Pentagon wasn’t levitated.

I will find it interesting to watch my generation go through another contortion. It seems to be what we do best.

Update: Oh yeah, the title. Remind me to explain it sometime. (,.)

Speaking Of Abelard

Back to Leftist angst. I’m smelling more than a little jealousy, fear and loathing from my leftist brethren. Protests over the last eight years were nonsensical, anemic affairs with screaming memes in pink T-shirts. Or they’re naked hot chicks for PETA. Or they’re naked bicyclers protesting war and Israel and the new world order. In short, the Leftists come across as unstable whack-jobs with no job and time to burn who had no purpose in life but their thinly veiled America-hate. Plus, they just don’t have many numbers.


If the Left had any principles whatsoever, they’d be joining these protests and making their voices heard. Really, this sentiment isn’t Democrat or Republican. It’s about freedom. It’s about the individual. It’s American.

Sic et non.

This is what I mean about pinching my memes. Melissa insults the people she’s ostensibly trying to persuade, while the apoplectic apocalyptic Beck wants to inspire a revolution of planetary proportions with guns and bongs, I mean bombs, in the revealing of his fear. Oh for the days of capitalistic heresy.