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News You Can Use

That’s why it’s not on TV.

The US ranked in the bottom five least-protected consumer PC populations, with 19.32 per cent of punters living without basic security, according to McAfee’s stats. The situation was much better, but still not exactly brilliant, in Finland where only 9.7 per cent of consumer PCs went unprotected.

The lack of antivirus software puts valuable documents, such as pictures and financial records, at risk of destruction if malware corrupts a system. A separate study found that consumers globally say 27 per cent of their digital files would be “impossible to restore” because they are not backed up properly.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

They Make Lousy Republicans

Why the Democrats Can’t Govern Every time they get the progressive/liberal wing of the party energized to participate in the process they win and then try to govern from the right?

Would Your Mama Tell You To Shove It Up Your Arse

The Politico internal memo from a little bit back:

I’m supposed to take these professionals seriously? You write for an audience, but this is bordering on contempt for that audience.

Which is why I read the blogs, for the most part people just write what they think, not what they think you might want to read.

Prostitution On Craigslist!!!

Now being whored on national television.