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Not Without Flaw, But Perhaps Complete

Ruts are easier to get into than out of, which is why we are urged to develop good habits, not bad ones, by parents and other pesky people in our younger years. It is still my intention not to make this another encore of previous efforts, so bear with me as I move away from politics for the time being, and turn to face other challenges of another sort, that of trying to remain faithful to spiritual precepts that are to be blunt, diametrically opposed to many of the political, economic, and religious precepts of the nations in general, and the western ones in particular.

This may be akin to trying to pass an anchor rope through the eye of the needle, (for those of you accustomed to using camel here, I would urge you to widen out your minds as well as your hearts,) which is probably a more accurate translation of the ancient Aramaic than what has come down to us over the eons.

There you have it.

Shall I Not Love You Less?

I sometimes wish that I too, was under law, lines clearly drawn, interpretations acceptable and diverse. But I am under the law of love, and God is love, and so my love will fail by degrees, as well as in fact. It is the perfect love of God that covers over the error on my part, for by this very thing I am not able to declare myself righteous, and for this very reason I am stumbled in front of the world, that I cannot declare myself righteous, but that one and all might be declared righteous in love, not by works of law on their part, but because of the undeserved kindness of the one bringing forth all light, all law, all love.

In all things then, I fail to love as I ought, even were I to love as best I can, with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my life force and strength, I would love none as they ought to be loved. Is this not the source of many wounds, that we perceive that we are not loved as we ought to be loved by those whom we love?

Apparently It Was Overweighted

The new blog on the other hand is vastly underrated.

No, Really, The Market Will Correct Itself, No, Really

Blue balls, blue sheild, meh.

The problem politically was starting out using the public option as a starting point, instead of universal coverage under a single payer system.

Only If They Let Him

I think this highlights what is going on to some extent, but this is also in play too.

The answer is still more and better Democrats, but that is the long game, which progressives should be playing and they aren’t. I may be being too mechanical in my assessment, but I’m not spending any emotional energy on any of this.

The hard truth is that we should have let the economy crash and burn which would have created an emotional environment in the public mind more open to progressive causes, and would have lead to serious pain and suffering for a lot more people who are now opposed to anything remotely progressive. But that was not in the best interests of the people, the nation, or the world.

The Republicans would have, had the shoe been on the other foot.

You Know You Got It

An appeal from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s where we’re headed. And with your help, we will get there.

You can use the other box like I did.

Wondering Out Loud

I suppose at this point it would be counter productive to say that’s why Joe was a VP candidate, huh?

UD: I am reminded at this time of an interview Arlen Specter gave last fall and his perspective on the FISA bill he voted for, which carried two provisions that he wanted and the third was pretty odious that he thought would be declared unconstitutional so he voted for the bill.

That’s a long shot judgement but it does highlight some of the thinking that goes into any legislation. There is a long and a short game, and Democratic positions are invariable weaker in the short game because they are complex and not as easily fitted to hyperbole as those of the Republicans.

I’m always looking for a moment to expand on this topic, but like my peculiar relationship with the media, it will have to be resolved at more convenient time.