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Interesting Thing About Black Friday

Is how much the economy depends on the spending sprees of the 47% of takers to make the world go around.

Maybe somebody ought to learn something from this.

If we weren’t ruled by idiots they would.

Light Shopping In Affluent Neighborhoods

You never know about these things, but if you just gotta go blow some coin, then you may want to go where the people aren’t freaking out.

If CNN was right, and this was all great fun, then there should be just as many people outside Best Buys in wealthy areas as there are in places where people are struggling. So the dogs and I hopped in the car and went to a Best Buy in a well-to-do area of DC to see how long the lines are.

And, of course, there was no line. Unless one person could be considered a line. A woman was sitting just inside the main door and had organized a short list of people (22) who would return later in the day and assume an orderly place in line.

She asked me not to publish the location of the store because she came from a not-so-affluent part of town and said that this store was “the best kept secret in town.”


I Didn’t Lose Chomsky

He lost me. Not really, but it is very very hard to be clever in the morning. Very hard. (And no this is not an allusion to the Guardian story, ((no link,)) although admittedly, this blog sucks.)

Close That D@$#ed Window

Stealin’ when should have been buying,

A new banking trojan that its creators brag can attack “any bank in any country” has already been blamed for several thousand attempts to infect computers.

The Neverquest banking trojan supports almost every trick used to bypass online banking security systems, including web injection, remote system access and social engineering, Kaspersky Lab warns. Neverquest surfaced on hacker forums during July in an advert looking for a partner to work with the trojan on servers run by a group of cybercriminals.

Killjoys to the world. You may want to check up on grandma.

America Shopping Trips Out, YA

Stayed away from the brown Thursday.

Americans Pitching Tents In Front Of Flower Shops

Preparing for Mother’s Day, Johnny on the Spot pitched his tent in front of his local Flowers R Us hoping to get a jump on US retail advertisers. “Last month I got the flowers for my true love for Valentines Day, which are here with me. I want some just like them for dear old Mom.”

Police said they no longer pick up the mentally insane unless they become violent, and said they had not informed Mr. Spot that the store he was camped in front of had closed in 2003.

Poor Charles Krauthammer

Knickers in a knot, old boy? Starch them up.

The case against a presidential power of non-enforcement seems quite powerful. yet Presidents of both parties have over the course of many years refused to enforce unconstitutional laws, including laws they themselves have signed into existence. How can this be?

Read the whole thing, sir. Then I would suggest firing up Google, or Duck. Shall I research the Senate rules too? I mean if you’re not doing anything…

Dear Stuart Varney

Capitalism is an economic system. Democratic republicanism is a political system. Each can exist apart from the other.

If you cannot make a distinction between the two systems you probably should not comment on either one of them. You just sound stupid to those of us who can.

H/T and etc &2

All Your Internet Of Everythings Are Belong To Us

Another router PITA

Symantec has stumbled across a worm that exploits various vulnerabilities in PHP to infect Intel x86-powered Linux devices. The security biz warns the malware threatens to compromise home broadband routers and similar equipment.

However, home internet kit with x86 chips are few and far between – most network-connected embedded devices are powered by ARM or MIPS processors – so the threat seems almost non-existent.

The Register has links to the Symantec posts you may want to check out.

Good Read Writes

This is an interesting story,

Milchan, 68, is the chairman of New Regency Productions, which has produced more than 120 Hollywood movies since the 1970s, working with actors and directors such as Robert de Niro, Martin Scorsese, Roman Polanski, Oliver Stone, Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.

I find this sort of thing greatly entertaining, and really don’t have any qualms about it either,

He should have foreseen the difficulties and been more robust about disapproval, he added. “I should have been aware of that, of what I’ll go through, and said, ‘Fuck you. You know what? I did it for my country, and I’m proud of it.'”

I guess we could be more approving if only Americans were patriotic, but this is the stuff that makes the world go around. It would make a great movie, with the usual caveat, of being an American doing it for America, like are our recovering the Nazi coding machine from a U-boat, ( or something.)As far as I’m concerned Milchan doesn’t owe anybody anything.

In another post diagnosing the disease instead of the symptoms, Jim Wright has another good post up, IMHO, using his intelligence training to analyze the major dysfunctions in American governance, and yes, you and I are part of the problem, speaking as an American, we all do it. I don’t think we can limit it to a both sides do it, when there are more than two sides to every issue, so you may want to give it a read. I’m a little partial to former intelligence people’s analysis, whether Lang or Johnson, usually disagree to some extent with all of it, but I do learn from all of it as well. The closer it gets to politics the further away I hold it, to be sure, I prefer my own instincts and analysis to others, but it is imperative to listen to analysis from all sides of the globular spectrum.

That having been said, the observation gives a little insight into what the President, or any other world leader, gets on a daily basis, which can be a strength or weakness, depending on the final filter for their information and analysis. What I try to do on a small-scale they harvest on a large-scale, and that final filter can bend policy in many directions, which makes the independent analyses all the more important to being the informed citizen that Mr Wright and Col. Lang, through their blogs encourage us all to become. It makes for a situation where there is more noise to signal ratio, but among them and the many others I have linked up besides you start seeing things that they have not either seen or thought important enough to include in their work, but when all is said and done you appear to be smarter than what you actually are, merely by becoming informed and using your own head.

In the end there may actually be stupid people, but I haven’t really meet too many, mostly uninformed or misinformed people. There is a big difference between ignorance and stupid. One can do something about the former. Politics has the unique capacity of taking any three or more dimensional problem and reducing it to one. Most of it is done to advance a position, not to inform anyone of any particular issue. I’m not even sure the pundits and molders of political opinion ever go beyond their own circle of information, the bubble of their own ideology, which given human limitations makes for a small circle indeed. We have limited time and capacity for gathering and absorbing information, and I suppose those who have to spend more time actually doing things need to rely on them more than I do. That is entirely circumstantial, not intellectual capacity. That would include journalists as well, who also have to write and report, things which I am not obligated to do.

I think I’ve said before, but I am far more interested in the philosophical and theological aspects of human knowledge than any other, and years of study have left relatively unscathed with ‘knowing’ anything at all. I know what a lot of other people know about not ‘knowing’ anything at all, but not nearly enough to tell you anything about what knowing, in its’ complete sense, really is. It is, if nothing else, a highly entertaining level of ignorance. But I wanted to take a moment anyway, to point out and perhaps thank those who have made the political aspects of ‘knowing’ a little less treacherous path to pursue. That I have fallen to the left of center is I think beyond doubt, but that center is only defined by what isn’t the center at any particular moment, and so one has to know both sides of the apple, as it were, to know an apple as a whole. You could use an orange if you prefer, and some of you should, so that while talking about apples and oranges we might be talking about the same thing while confusing the metaphorically challenged. As poor Prince William may have discovered this morning, I get my lulz when I can. For that I am grateful to be living in a republic, and not a monarchy. And to the many, many, many of you that have spent time and effort in educating and informing me, I am eternally grateful this Thanksgiving weekend.

Love really does conquer all things. Try it, you might like it.

Update: Fixed an are to our. I hate it when that happens.

Update 2: Pat Lang has a different angle and reaches a different concluding point of view than expressed here. PL has some valid points.

US Sends Two B-52 Bombers Over DC

The US reported flew 2 B-52 bombers over Washington DC in defiance of of a no fly zone declared by the United States over DC. American officials announced that they had allowed those flights, but had tracked them with radar, drones and secret ducks trained to do just that.

Buckingham Palace Denies Rumor Of Tour

“Prince William has no intentions, or plans to tour the world as, “The Royal formerly known as Prince Dippo and The Royal Harmonicas,” as being reported by an obscure, wise assed American blogger.”