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The Speculative Gurus

I am somewhat pleased that the new President has opened the doors for the more prolific pundits and policy wise men and wise women that over the last six years have been proven to be be miserably wrong on foreign and domestic affairs, being rehabilitated and brought forth on television screens across the nation to again regale one and all with prognostications and predilections with the Ivy league credentialing that mitigates failure with reward, and insures the continued existence of the Republic by beating around the bush with hem and hawing about dangers surreal and imagined.

So if there is light posting that is part of it.

Telepathy From The Eleventh Dimension

Sharp Tip

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee and author of the blog “Instapundit.” His wife, Helen Smith, is also a blogger as well as a forensic psychologist who writes this blog. Yesterday she came up with an idea to deal with uppity Obama voters, at least those who are waiters and waitresses. In a post, linked to by her husband, entitled “Should You Tip Less in an Obama Administration?”, she writes:

You gotta wonder about people that assume a waitress or waiter is bound to be an Obama supporter, or to be more precise, isn’t a libertarian because everyone knows libertarians don’t do dishes.(Just to be generous I will presume she is referring to the email about an Obama supporting waitress and the homeless man outside, (no not the one bumming menthol cigarettes, not the veteran of the armed forces that no one wants to talk about anymore, but the mentally deranged person not currently being warehoused in prison homeless man outside the restaurant, who winds up with the ten dollar tip.))

Doctor, heal thyself.

Couple Of Cards Short Of A Full Deck

Andy Card: Palin ‘Introduced Women To Participating’ In The Political Process»

CARD: He selected her because she could motivate the base, excite people, and introduce women to participating in the process that really did not receive an invitation during the Democratic primary. So I thought it was a pretty exciting choice.

The joker obviously isn’t one of them.

I think the over exposure of the national media is starting to tell on national figures, like Card, who is apparently filling in for a political analyst who one would expect to say something this inane with a straight face.