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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Can Handle Just About Anything…

James Wolcott was humorous yesterday, The Sorrow and the Titties>taking a look at the

The Spenglerian gloom…


I noticed a little drool from Spengler’s Asia Times piece last week, whence he decried European demographics for France’s failure to supply fodder for HA. Things change.

I have to admit to a little bit of joy seeing American $100’s being passed out in Lebanon like they weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. Your tax policy at work. The old Rooseveltian tax and tax and spend and spend at home has been replaced by the charge and charge and spend and spend abroad. You know, the American people don’t have to do this. Hezbollah wouldn’t have had a propaganda victory using our money if there wasn’t some validity to the fiat problem. There is almost no reason for other nations not to print American dollars if their pulp and forest industries are going through a tough time in a housing bubble pop, or something.

I am relieved though, that the vortex of telebision has discovered that housing has a problem, and hence consumerism has a problem. If they had read the blogs they would have been watching for the earthquakes trembling beneath Mt. Greenspan, which may produce a Bernake; the economic equivalent of a Viagra induced boner lasting more than six hours, having missed the warning on the bottle that refered to four hours, and seen the ARM twisting that is now upon the protuberance, as do the people who generally know more than Federal judges think we might commonly do.

Matagorda county is going to expand it’s South Texas Nuqular Project, apparently in 2007, which should provide expanded local incomes from an increasing demand for low income, low payout housing market for slum lord wannabes and savvy young people buying their second home first, on Matagorda Bay. There are going to be quite a few McMansions on the water before long, too, unless we get into W’s WW, inwhich case the country will be so depressed at the abrubt termination of the Glen Beck show that housing should open up as the distraught wonder off into the waters and drown. Atlanta should call FEMA now.

I like to mind my own bidness, but if Joe Lieberman agrees with Glen Beck on foriegn policy then he’s no longer on this side of deranged. In my heart of hearts, with tongue firmly in cheek, I believe Connecticut would be better served by someone smoking Lebanese hash, which could go for a few good men in other peoples armies too, from whom one would presumably get the hash for the new Senator.

Monday, August 21, 2006

When Your Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun, Better Check to See if Your in A Cartoon.

What is it about “National Leaders,” that can inspire so many people to so much futile bloodshed? Having grown up in the modern West I do not see very much intellectual or emotional maturity in most of our current media reports, which likely as not are governmental press releases, (hereafter; intellectual easing of nature,) or subjective presentations of facts and analysis of issues from the top down.

There are really no nefarious biases in presenters I think, but like the guards in Abu Ghraib, given a winking green light to abuse their opponents, it comes out. Thanks to TV we can watch the human species evolve, or grow as you will, with the daily bombardment of bombast and bamboozlement that begins before the AM all stars set up another beige day in America for selling horse douche to the idolled rich, who don’t have time to watch TV since they are presumably busy twenty four six applying, selling and/or transporting horse douche, or in fact, a thousand brazillion other sundry necessities to you, and that’s how they got rich. When the big boys can tell it like it is again, I’ll start paying attention to what they’re saying, until then it’s FYJIMO. That’s like FORE on the golf course, ‘cept different.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

W’s W.W.3.0

If I were to give purely political advice to Democrats it would be to loose in 2006, so as to hang the 2007 recession, Iraq and Lebanon around the Republican’s necks in 2008, which should presumably give the Democrats a landslide election victory and thirty year majority.

Unfortunately two and half years more of denying the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the citizens of the world, will probably get Glen Beck nuked in Atlanta via the Book of Chicken Little, Vol. World War Eye Yi Yi. His prescience is duly noted aforetime, so that he might bask in whatever little glory there is in gloating about the nightmarish deaths of billions of people, not of course when duly dully noted by the ilk of me, but by the likes of Mort Kondrake.

Of course it is a lot easier with W’s WW than interpreting prophesies of the Bible and Koran. But it works in a pinch. But a caution to politicians, the end times are the shears that the clergy use to fleece the sheep since the demise of Dante’s hell with the discovery by the laity of the definition of Sheol, and the root of hell, so be careful about diagonal tapping into the cash cow. Besides as Glen noticed, the Iranian Shiite have an end times prophecy too, and this millennium is theirs. We Christians had ours in 1000 and in 3000 it will be the Jews turn again.

So Democrats are going to have to suck it up and elect as many candidates as possible so as to enlighten the darkness of the current witches, brewing the policies of arrogance on the deeds of their forefathers, as though they themselves had ascended to the leadership tempered by war, forever burned into their phantom memory. These are the people who would lead us into a war with Iran, 0 for 3 and wanting a fourth strike.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

So Blogger Wants I.E.

Firefox 1.5.6 is becoming even more broken with Blogger, which is what I am inclined to use, than what Atrios reported, and I experienced, on loading refreshes of his site. Now the login page is hosed. I am not sure if the problem is their side of the wire or mine. There is a redirect to google dot com and then hasta la vista, which may also be a man in the middle, the three letter boys, the new OS is owned, and various other sundry problems that technology has given me to do in lieu of mowing the lawn with a milk cow.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Worth a Read

Antiwar’s NOTES IN THE MARGIN sort of hits a nail on the head for the liberal left of the Democratic Party, while neatly exposing the MSM™’s perception of of the “left” in a nation where the punditboro writes;

For example, one Candace de Russy, writing in National Review online, avers,

“The extremist anti-war left is beside itself with rage against [Wall Street Journal columnist John] Fund and others who dare to challenge its domination of the academy, and in particular Middle East studies. See, for example, Justin Raimondo’s diatribe against Fund, whom he labels ‘Yale’s very own Torquemada,’ as well as against what he calls ‘the Fund-amentalist hate campaign’ against the Taliban Man. For good measure Raimondo goes on to attack the entire neo-con movement as a ‘perpetual motion machine of hate’ and David Horowitz as a ‘professional witch-hunter.'”

To Candace and her confreres at NRO, anyone who opposes the neocon agenda is, by definition, part of “the left.”

Is it really any wonder that anyone confuses the DLC and NRO as propaganda fronts for War Inc.>