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Restore Honor

Acknowledge your source Glenn.

Conservative Bloggers Double As Pimps

Who coulda knowed?

“It’s standard operating procedure” to pay bloggers for favorable coverage, says one Republican campaign operative. A GOP blogger-for-hire estimates that “at least half the bloggers that are out there” on the Republican side “are getting remuneration in some way beyond ad sales.”

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Because It Seems The Thing To Do

Our corn hole media has absolutely no shame, What, one wonders is the purpose of inflaming the American people against Muslims?

If one were to hearken back to the halcyon days of the Bush Administration, one would remember that, when Bush adviser Karen Hughes was appointed Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, the Bush Administration saw improving America’s standing among Muslims abroad as a part of its national security strategy. And, as such, Hughes set up listening tours, attended meetings and worked with interfaith groups that — shocking, by today’s Republican standards — included actual Muslims.

One of those people was Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

One almost thinks the whole thing is a scam with the current Beast Rabbans running around setting the stage for dear Feyd to come and relieve us of their miserable existence.

But I’ve always thought JEB was in it for 2012, and all the wheels are turning to at least rehab the former President, so we have Quayle Junior, calling Obama the worst President in history already, showing off another talent in really useless endeavors, bullshitting the public before internalizing the lies.