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The Craven Crayola

Master of the twenty twenty head up his hindsight, flathead Fred extolls his superior crystal balls gazing abilities.

I remember all the Villagers tweeting and walling about this last year. Not.

They Hate The Internet, It Is Bad

My Cable news outlet is reporting this,

TPM Exclusive: Steele To Hold RNC Event — Co-Starring Andrew Breitbart

In the interest of honesty, I just caught the tail end of the broadcast so they may have attributed the story. I just find it ironic.

Through The CBO Report Darkly

How the Washington Post spins the CBO report,

So in the hands of the Washington Post small “relative to the journey that will be needed for fiscal sustainability” becomes “small” and then none. Too the Post hundreds of billions of dollars are zero.

Clearly that organization is not qualified to report the news. Even the simplest most cut and dried gigantic numbers are too subtle for them.

That’s why I wished the WaPo had been included in the torture report from the Kennedy School of Government, because anyone that can torture the facts like this probably would approve of torturing people.