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Mitt’s World

If he were in the Senate he would just be another Republican Senator.

“If we learned anything from today’s revelation that Mitt Romney urged Gov. Rick Scott to downplay good economic news in Florida, it’s this: Mitt Romney would rather see the American economy fail before the election than see President Obama win,” said Martin O’Malley, the Democratic governor of Maryland whose statement was circulated Friday by the Obama reelection campaign

Why Conservatives Shit On You When You Try To Kiss Their Ass

Trust us we’re professionals,

We are going to do the worst thing we can do to you Americans. We are going to take away your enemy.”

– Soviet Spokesperson Georgi Arbatov

San Pedro, CA – A quarter-century after Arbatov threatened us Americans, his point seems extremely well-made. Without the Soviet enemy, the US floundered. We only found our way again after the 9/11 attacks, which gave us license to go after anyone we damn well wanted to – even if, like Saddam Hussein, they might be sworn enemies of those who actually attacked us.

But some folks need enemies a good deal more than others. In the US, we call those folks “conservatives”, and their need for enemies has become a defining influence on how everyone thinks about politics. You see, for the past 20 years leading Democrats – most notably presidents Clinton and Obama – have been trying to cozy up to conservatives, taking away their enemy. The results have been nothing short of disastrous – both for Democrats, and for the US.

I wonder, also, too, if Hillary ever watched “Lie To Me”?

Out Of The Ryan Plan

Into the fire,

This time around, Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee, with the help of data from the Tax Policy Center, take a look at the House GOP tax plan in Paul Ryan’s budget, and reach an important conclusion: If he honors his commitment to keeping his plan revenue neutral, middle class taxpayers will see their tax burden increase, while the wealthiest Americans will enjoy a huge tax cut.

The idea is pretty straightforward.

Republicans want to dramatically lower the top tax rate and eliminate brackets so there are only two — one at 25 percent, one at 10 percent. That would put a huge amount of cash in the pockets of high income earners. For middle class earners, it’d be a much more modest sum. To make the plan revenue neutral, Ryan claims Republicans would close myriad loopholes that disproportionately benefit the upper-middle and upper classes — he just won’t say which ones.

The checks in the mail.

In a way you almost hope the teadards get what they want, then you realize that they are people too. Not very well informed, but…

Mitt’s World

He’ll run the country the same way.

Anyway, this is going to be a race where Romney says and does whatever the fuck he feels like saying and doing, with no attempt to be honest or consistent.

America had it coming.

Electronic Ball and Chains

It would be interesting to see how bad the situation is over here as well. After all, my local news informs me that young men would rather go to work than have sex, mostly because they are afraid of loosing their jobs, (which may explain why women would rather read about sex than have it boring as well, yet I digress,) so being stuck working after work is bound to be bad for your health.

UK office monkeys are slaving away well into the night on their tablets and smartphones to try to take the pressure off during their actual working hours, doing an average of two hours and 18 minutes of extra work a night on top of their six- to seven-hour days.

Which brings us to the point where I must inform you of light posting today, having wrenched my shoulder patting myself on the back last night, and more importantly due to the fact that… well we better not go there.

Anyway it seems like a long time ago that my time was being spent trying to get Tymnet out here in the boondocks, but it was only twenty years ago, DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1 on dial up, buy your own modem and install it and the software, and you could go online, usually long distance, and discuss baud rates. Now look at you.

Of course when I look at you, I have to admit, you had it coming.

Wisconsin Recall Recount

It ain’t over till it’s over,

MILWAUKEE — A recount request filed by state Sen. Van Wanggaard was approved Monday by Wisconsin election officials, who ordered Racine County officials to begin reviewing all of the nearly 72,000 ballots cast starting Wednesday, June 20.

I found this when trying to find the date of the recall so I could link this,

Nor would one want to point out that a decrepit Democratic party establishment maneuvering the same tired candidate into a rerun might also, just might, have as much to do with the results as the money, and given the bombardment of advertising, phone calls signs and billboards as one another, while the much ignored exit poll data explains the whole. That’s journalism!

So I could link back to what Digby said,

There’s been a lot written about Wisconsin, the death (or rebirth) of the union movement, locals vs nationals and the general problem with recalls as a political tool. But Rick Perlstein’s analysis strikes me as the one that gets right to the heart of what went wrong. Guess what? It’s the same thing that always goes wrong:

…therein hangs a tale: about grassroots Democrats who act like activists, who hold that slaps are sometimes what it takes to get the political job done, and Democratic leaders who act like you can solve all political problems with a hug. Which, pretty much, was Tom Barrett’s entire election platform. As I explained here in May, the leading candidate in the primary to face Walker in the recall ran with a take-no-prisoners strategy to restore union rights: she pledged to veto any budget that didn’t restore collective bargaining. That meant that if she won the statehouse, Republican legislators in Madison could hold on to their anti-union law only on pain of shutting down the state.

Then, out of nowhere, little more than two months before Election day, a new candidate announced: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Two days earlier, he’d had a $400-a-plate fundraising luncheon, closed to the media, hosted by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Here was a signal: Barrett was the Democratic Party Establishment’s man. And the Democratic Establishment, in this age of Barack Obama, does things in a very certain way: it never takes any prisoners, never takes the most gutsy path (this is even true for the vaunted “tough guy” Rahm Emanuel, whose standing orders as White House chief of staff was never to take on any fights unless victory was assured in advance).

I know, I know, shameless self promotion. But you know, you had it coming.

Not Your Father’s Internet

Hippies had it coming,

Surprisingly, democracies led the way in the overall number of content takedown requests shared by Google, with requests for upwards of 6,000 items to be removed coming from U.S. court orders and government and law enforcement agencies.

Even more importantly for average Web users, Google lists the number of requests for their user data made by government and law enforcement bodies. Again, the U.S. led the way with 6,231 separate user data sets requested, India came in second with 2,207 user data sets requested, and 1,615 from Brazil. To be clear, these requests were merely to give government and law enforcement agencies access to user accounts and data, not to remove said data from the Web. …

Only governments can have their heads up their asses while having their noses up yours.

I Wonder How Far Mitt’s Hypocrisy Goes?

At least we know there is a there there. Hear hear!

Let Them Eat Dry Catfood

GOP vows to do what it does best, nothing,

While three big insurance companies announced plans this past week to retain certain protections for an estimated 40 percent of all individuals who receive their coverage through work, there has been no advance word from the drug industry on how prescription costs for older people might be affected by a finding that the law is unconstitutional.

Even so, Republicans say they have no plans for assuring continuity of a provision that reduces out-of-pocket costs for seniors with high drug expenses. This coverage gap is known as “doughnut hole.”

Grandma had it coming.

Yeah, We Just Load Everyone In The Car

Throw the dogs on the roof and off to Canada we go…

“When we take a vacation, it’ll be with our children and grandchildren,” she repeated.

Kind of like the roof of the car, rinse and repeat.

Not Only Is Justice Blind

Apparently it is also vacillates.

In the preface of the book, Scalia, writing about himself in the third person, concedes that he “knows that there are some, and fears that there may be many, opinions that he has joined or written over the past 30 years that contradict what is written here” in the health care ruling, the Times reports. He notes that while precedent factored into some of them, in other cases it’s “because wisdom has come late.”

Or left early, as the case may be.

The good justice must be spending too much time at George Will’s knee.