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McCain’s Foreign Policy Experienced Crew

McCain Adviser’s Horrifying Iraq Track Record: Will the Press Notice?

Scheunemann was a crucial Washington backer of Ahmad Chalabi, the now-disgraced Iraqi exile who helped feed the CIA false intelligence on Saddam’s WMD program and has since been accused of giving US state secrets to Iran. In the years leading up to the invasion, the two were so tight that the spokesman for Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress shared a Washington address with both CLI and Scheunemann’s private lobbying firm and Scheunemann was mentioned in press reports as a candidate for the job of formal envoy to the Iraqi opposition. During this period, Scheunemann, who acted as a crucial link between Chalabi and John McCain, was a go-to guy for reporters seeking pro-Chalabi quotes. He told The New York Times that Chalabi possessed “tremendous attributes that would be of immeasurable benefit to an Iraq in transition to democracy” and separately called him “an Iraqi patriot.”

Experience you can count on.

What a Lamer

If I hadn’t said anything you’ld still be in the dark.

Unfortunately, Lott’s thesis had two problems:

Other people were unable to find the results he cited when looking at the same numbers, leaving many people to believe that he had gotten to his conclusions through the application of a great deal of fudge.

John Lott — professor and author — was vigorously defended by Mary Rosh, a young female student who had attended most of Lott’s classes and loved his work. The trouble was Mary Rosh was a sockpuppet.

Lott created the Rosh character to provide lots of virtual praise.

I remember using Patracide to call myself snotty once, but I have never needed a sock puppet to praise myself. I would demand another ethics panel, but then we would spend so much time empanelled there would be no time for calling Glenn Beck a Friggin’ twit.

After Taps, The Truth

Military Told Media and Family That It Was ‘Friendly Fire’ — But It Was Murder

NEW YORK For five years now, E&P has been chronicling the disturbing number of “noncombat” deaths in Iraq, often suicides, which usually come to light only due to the diligence of local newspapers. As part of that effort, last August I briefly described yet another case, involving a 20-year-old Texas woman named Kamisha Block, who apparently was much loved in her Vidor hometown. It was said to be death by “friendly fire,” which officially is fairly rare in Iraq, so I kept an eye on it for days, in case of an update.

Unfortunately it was murder, and systematic abuse, all of which should have been dealt with by her chain of command.

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