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Best Drink Another Schlitz And Think About It Some More

Updated Below:


Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms

The Obama administration is engineering its new bailout initiatives in a way that it believes will allow firms benefiting from the programs to avoid restrictions imposed by Congress, including limits on lavish executive pay, according to government officials.

Administration officials have concluded that this approach is vital for persuading firms to participate in programs funded by the $700 billion financial rescue package.

Part of the rush to roll out a flurry of new programs and initiatives is to obscure what those programs and initiatives are purported to do. Good politics isn’t the same thing as good government.

Many of us supported the bailouts for reasons larger than the wealth and well being of the fat cats that screwed everything up, and I would imagine that our ire will turn on the people who are engineering these sweetheart deals for what, to any but the most obtuse of observers, are borderline crooks.

This isn’t a good time for the administration to be walking the line of toleration. The people have a right to demand punishment for these corporations and their officers given the damage they have inflicted on the worlds economy and well being, and that of their their fellow citizens. Patriotism may not be the possession of all people, but it is time for these self centered bastards to take their lumps too.

Perception is the only thing standing between the pitchforks and the President as well.

Like I was saying;

Worse still, what is happening here is an exact analog to what is happening in the realm of Bush war crimes — the Obama administration’s first priority is to protect the wrongdoers and criminals by ensuring that the criminality remains secret. Here is how Black explained it last night:

There has to be an endpoint to this behavior.

I try not to be naive about empires, they are easily enough read about, but most Americans aren’t even aware of being citizens of one, which leaves them at a grave disadvantage with the oligarchs who have no compunction about commiting other peoples sons and daughters to empirical wars that benefit the few with the blood of the many.

That would mean, in my mind, that an empire with a 3.25 trillion dollar budget is going to see a small percent of the largess go to criminal behaviors, and that those small percentages of revenue are in fact large sums of money that can and are used to corrupt the official process, also for the benefit of the few.

Fortunately I can’t find any news stories in all of this. After all hard news is like, so retro, if one weren’t careful it could wind up being fit for history.

YA:Apparently all sorts of people are starting to get, (how to say it nicely?,) pissed off there chief.